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How to Care for Swelling after an Adult Circumcision Surgery?

In adult men, circumcision is a surgery that removes the skin covering the head of the penis, which is the foreskin. When your doctor pushes this foreskin away from the head of the penis, he or she trims it off and then sews the edges with small dissolvable sutures. After the adult circumcision surgery, it is normal for the penis to bruise and swell for the first few days. In general, it is not so painful and many over the counter painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help.

After the surgery, you will have a dressing over the area and your entire penis. During this stage, you have to ask your doctors for directions on when you should remove it. You have to wear a comfortable underwear, and if you prefer so, a snug fit one may be ideal for support. However, wearing loose-fitting briefs is also suitable. The job of the underwear should be to hold the penis well in place in an upright position. This usually helps the swelling to subside and it goes down in about two to three weeks post-surgery.

When you feel you are ready, you can consider returning to your normal routine and resume work. As you read on below, you will learn about how long it will take your penis to heal and the amount of care you need to give the swelling. Follow these simple steps and notice a quick recovery.

Take Care of the Amount of Your Activity

When you feel tired, you have to ensure that you rest well. Try to get enough sleep, and this should boost the recovery time. You should try to walk around whenever possible and start by walking a little more than you did before. Increase this time gradually. If you wish to take a shower, do this only when you have no bandage on the tip of your penis. You should pat the incision area dry and take some short baths if you wish to at any time.

Make sure that you avoid any form of strenuous activities, like jogging, bicycle riding, aerobic exercise, weight lifting, for at least four weeks, or until your Circumcision Center doctor advise you to do so. Return to work and other normal activities only when you feel comfortable.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Some foods will only affect your circumcision swelling. It is best that you eat a normal diet, and if your stomach is upset, you should try low-fat food such as broiled chicken, plain rice, yogurt, and toast. Make sure that you drink enough water, and follow the diet plan that your doctor recommends. Keep in mind that eating healthy will ensure a healthy recovery and keep the swelling under control.

Take Prescription Medicines

For the swelling, your doctor will tell you when and if you need to take medicines. They will give you instructions about taking new medicines. Before you resume taking blood thinners, be sure that you consult your doctor. You have to understand what your doctor wants you to do. Make sure you take medicines as they direct, or prescription medicines.

In some cases, where you feel the pain medicine makes you feel sick in the stomach, you have to consider taking it only after meals, or unless your doctor advised otherwise.

Ice Elevation and Incision Care

You have to remove the dressing whenever your doctor says it to you that it is okay to do so. You should do this by soaking the dressing in a warm bath and wear comfortable underwear. Some men also prefer tighter options, whereas others prefer loose-fitting ones. For the swelling, you should put some ice cold pack on your groin for about 10-20 minutes at one time. You should repeat this every two hours for the first few days. However, a precautionary measure is to put a thin cloth between the ice you use and the skin.

For the best recovery after adult circumcision surgery, make sure that you consult your doctor and visit him for follow up care. If you notice anything unusual, like an infection, pus formation, or blood oozing out from the incisions, make sure that you inform your doctor. You should avoid any form of strenuous activities, and make sure that you carefully change the dressing, and take medicines as your doctor advice.

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