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Top 5 Online Collaboration Tools of 2018

Collaborations apps are productivity apps that provide more teamwork and provide the opportunities to expand the work. There are many advantages of Collaboration which can decrease the time period and increase the more teaming work. If you think, your time is precious then you must have to use Collaboration apps. People can work done together instead of doing alone which takes more time.

On the other hand, the main technology using in Collaboration is to use some cloud-based technology through which multiple users can interact with each other. For example, Teamviewer has a connection between two clients but instead of Teamviewer we have 5 different online Collaboration tools of 2018. We will sure that these tools will save the time as well as provide more flexibility.

Asana an Online Collaboration Tool

If you know little about Collaboration then we make sure that you know What Asana is:

Asana was made in 2008 by Facebook prime supporter Dustin Moskovitz and programming engineer Justin Rosenstein after they saw a need to facilitate groups all the more viable inside the informal organization’s activities.

Nowadays, Asana becomes the most used online Collaboration that is really helpful. They soon understood that tech goliaths weren’t the main organizations that could profit by more prominent effectiveness.

Asana is available on the Web project, as an Android and as well as IOS Application on the IOS mobile.

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Here are the few features of Asana:

  • There are many project templates available which can help while doing the teamwork.
  • Proper Dashboard for communication and meetings.
  • It is also supporting a Video Calls. This feature was always missing in different Collaboration tools.
  • Integrations: Slack, Dropbox, Github.
  • The Free trial is always available.


A Podio is also available on the Web project, as an Android and as well as IOS Application on the IOS mobile.

Podio depicts itself as an adaptable and adjustable online stage for work and correspondence among groups. If your Apps are quality then it will perform better and provide quick results. Dropbox, Google drive, and Zendesk are reliable and trusty third party platforms which are used by such Online Collaboration apps like Podio.

As it were, it gives you an approach to arrange vast heaps of work and to designate assignments between representatives.


Like Podio and Asana, Trello is also available on Android Phone as an application, as a Web and as well as IOS Application on the IOS mobile.

  1. Perfect Results.
  2. More Simple to-utilize interface
  3. The free version is also available.
  4. Not numerous comms highlights.

Trello is always known by users who have interaction with the Software Project Management related field or Online Collaboration status people. The main feature is, you can work with board and to-do-list. Moreover, it lets you effortlessly compose activities and work on them with partners.


Sounds good with Online Collaboration tools of 2018 but the features are also amazing. The bad news about TickTick is that it is not freely available. The Cost price of TickTick is almost 27$ which highly fair. Because ticktick has more features else other application for collaboration.

My most loved of these highlights is voice input, Voice Input makes it unique and proper that it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, you can add undertakings to list just by talking into your telephone.

Other Online Collaboration Tools

There are many other tools around more than 50 which provides the flexible tools to collaborate in the office.

  • Skype
  • Appear.In
  • Slack
  • Google Hangouts
  • Bitrix 24
  • Evernote

Which Top 5 Online Collaboration Tools of 2018?

In this article, we have clearly discussed on Top 5 Online Collaboration Tools of 2018, as tools are all best it depends on a choice that what feature do you want. Also, it depends on your requirements because there are many paid and free tools also available in which above 5 tools are of them. It has more features than other tools. Moreover, you can get maximum knowledge from techrapidly Solutions Visit here.

We mentioned different Online Collaboration Tools of 2018. There are other different tools also which also work best. But we here do only the important and best-recommended tools. if you want to suggest some other tools then you can freely let us know in the comment section.


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