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Mobile App Trends in 2018

The mobile app industry is all ready to accept or meet up new challenges in 2018. The mobile development scenario becomes a one of the maturing way to established user- friendly environment. It integrates the technical issues and business needs.

  • Mobile Application Performance Manager

Experience in the last year reveals that though the app market has performed well, there is less number of apps downloads per user. Developers are now looking at apps that engage and satisfy users and also encourage regular use of their apps. The aim is to make them technically sound and simultaneously increase the demand for use.

  • Blockchain technology

The sudden and meteoric rise in the use of Bitcoins has fueled interest in mobile blockchain technology. Developers are ready to latch on to this interest. Their only concern would be to determine the benefits of using the new technology to replace the old SQL database for individual apps.

Beacons especially enable retailers to bridge the gap between the in-store and the online experience for their shoppers. They collect valuable data, send location-based push notifications and can also be used to send customized notifications to potential customers and attract a whole new set of return customers too.Also, check Clash of Lights S2

  • Machine Learning

Apple’s Core ML Library has introduced built-in ML models. This gives developers a convenient way to include ML technology in iOS apps. in 2018 app developers are expected to leverage this advantage.

The rise of augmented reality and virtual reality, This is the very obvious new trend – AR development will definitely be the future of mobile development. It can be used to influence the customers in engaging and meaningful ways. AR will not be limited to promotions and marketing, but also will be integrated into a number of utility apps and functions.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots were launched in 2016. They created messaging platforms using the bot to be used on websites. This year these bots are set to expand their domain to mobiles. Developers find it easy to use chatbots. They neither have to learn new interface nor do they need to develop native apps that need regular updating.

  • Android Instant App

This new entrant is likely to become a favorite this year. It needs no installation and is compatible with all OS. The possibility of embedding it in Google search engines acts as an added advantage.

  • Optimized Mobile Page

Google AMP makes web browsing on mobiles faster. Domains are using AMP to reach and engage more users. More and more apps are expected to convert to AMP to leverage advantage.

  • FiveG is on its way

5G is ready to deliver speed. It will work up to sixty times faster than the present 4G technology. This new network is to roll out slowly with the USA based service providers taking the lead.

  • Return to the Cloud

2018 will see cloud-based apps rise to a whopping 89%. Cloud storage is secure. It clears space on devices and does not eat into device memory making it a preferred storage for private and commercial use. Mobile Backend as a Service allows for data to move back and forth from cloud to device easily, conveniently and fast.Also know about: movie box for pc

  • Verdict

Wearables will continue to grow this year. Security concerns will be a part of app development as more and more transactions are performed using mobiles.

Developers will be engaged in developing more and more on-demand apps as their usage increases and startups begin to look at these as a means of reaching customers. Virtual reality and Augmented Reality apps will see an increase in demand and will drive the field of mobile app development.

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