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Gum Infection and Risk of Heart Diseases

Healthy gums are a way to a healthy heart. Sounds strange? Nut it is true. Our dental health has serious implications on our body and if not taken care of, it can have serious impacts on the health. People who follow a healthy routine and take care of their dental health are more fit as compared to the ones that do not take their oral health seriously.

The main problem with the rise in the oral diseases is the unawareness about the serious health impacts it can have on a person. People believe that just brushing and flossing is enough to take care of their teeth and they shouldn’t worry anymore about their dental health. Many dentists have reported that most of the patients visit them only when the pain becomes unbearable but by that time the infection has already spread to their entire mouth and has damaged not only their dental health but has also affected their overall health.

One such serious implications of not taking proper care of the oral hygiene are the heart diseases.

Though there is no research that proves that taking care of oral hygiene can prevent a person from having heart diseases, but there are examples that prove that having dental infection leads to more risk of having heart diseases. Mouth is a good signal of one’s health. People who have swollen gums are not only suffering from gum infection but their blood vessels and their veins are also affected which can worsen the condition of the heart.

The infection in the mouth is caused by harmful bacteria’s. when these bacteria stay in the mouth for a long time, so much that they result in plaque, they have started affecting the blood vessels. The bacteria can enter the heart with the help of the blood vessels and cause endocarditis, which is an infection in the inner lining of the heart. This makes the heart weaker and too much pressure on it, which is again caused by the swollen nerves are vessels can lead to heart strokes.

In order to prevent the situation from getting this worse, you need to be attentive and read the signs of gum infection and then immediately rush to a dentist. If you do not already have a dentist, get your appointment with the best dentist.

These are the symptoms that one must pay attention to if they want to identify gum infection:

  • Swollen, red gums are an early sign of gum infection
  • If you notice blood from your gums when you brush or floss, you should visit your dentist.
  • Check your teeth and the gums around it for any signs of pus
  • If you see a gap in the gums and the teeth, so much that if feels the gums are pulling away, it is also a sign to check for gum infection.
  • Frequent bad breath and odd taste in the mouth
  • Distance in between the teeth and loosing of the teeth.

If you notice any of these signs, visit the best dentist in Chennai and get it checked before it is too late and your dental health starts affecting your body.

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