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Is Invisalign Better Than Traditional Braces?

In the field of orthodontics, the uses of Invisalign or braces are a lot common, especially, when it comes to dentists straightening the teeth of their patients. A beautiful and attractive smile not only works like magic to win hearts, but it also helps to boost your confidence. This is also a reason why most people seek the “perfect Hollywood” glamour smile. The fact remains that crooked or misaligned teeth not only disrupt a person’s facial aesthetics, but it makes it exceedingly difficult to clean the teeth. Eventually, this will lead to periodontal diseases, enhancing the risks of gum, teeth, and bone damage causing tooth loss.

However, thanks to advancements in dentistry, nowadays when you enroll in orthodontic continuing education for general dentists, you will learn that for a better smile you can turn to smarter non-surgical options like Invisalign. Some years ago, traditional metal braces were the only options to correct teeth alignment issues, but with modern solutions, even the stress of cleaning teeth compared to traditional braces is something you can discard.

Invisalign is an innovation in the world of oral care, which makes straightening teeth a less invasive prospect. They straighten teeth, taking them back to an ideal position, promote proper function, and improve their look. These are sets of clear trays (plastic), whereas traditional braces make us of metal wires and brackets for teeth movements.

Here’s an overview of Invisalign and some of the exclusive rewards they offer.

They Are Invisible Braces

Invisalign braces are one of the best options for straightening teeth. As their name suggests, they are nearly invisible plastic aligners, customizable and removable, which gradually move the teeth. Invisalign braces also facilitate brushing, flossing, as well as eating compared to metal braces. The greatest advantage of these aligners is that people do not feel any sort of awkwardness when they wear them. This is a reason why so many people prefer them to metal braces.

Better Aesthetics

Invisible braces are barely visible. They enhance your facial aesthetics to great extents. Metal braces would make your face appear unappealing, filled with metal pieces at first glance, appearing more conspicuous when food traps amidst the braces. The worst part is the wearer would not even be aware of this. However, Invisalign is acrylic materials or clear plastic that is hard to notice. Hence, more people prefer clear aligners for their comfort, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

Superior Comfort

When you enroll in Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, you will learn that Invisalign braces are a more comfortable and convenient option compared to metallic counterparts. Once the metal braces attach, they remain well in place until experts remove them professionally. Moreover, these modern braces are made of comfortable plastic, unlike the conventional metallic ones. Hence, the chances of gum irritation and cheek reactions also minimize.

You Can Eat Whatever You Desire

Braces are clear trays that are easy to replace even on a daily basis. Each replacement of the tray in the series comes with unique designs, which induces the teeth to move into different positions. In addition, it is possible to take off Invisalign braces for some certain activities, such as public eating and speaking. In the case of metal braces, you will not be able to enjoy all types of food, especially sticky ones, or the hard to chew types. However, if your aligner is the removable type, you do not have to worry about anything at all. You can easily enjoy other foods like carrots, nuts, sugar-free gums, crunchy foods, whole wheat, bagel, as well as other options that are impossible to consider with metal braces.

Improved Oral Hygiene

In orthodontic care, you must give oral hygiene superior importance. Metal braces make it difficult to clean the mouth, and you will need special flosses and toothbrushes to accomplish the job. However, with Invisalign, you can achieve this easily. You have to clean aligners every day and rinse, brush your teeth after every meal. Moreover, Invisalign doesn’t call for the need to brush around the wires, like traditional ones. You can just clean your teeth in a sufficient way and keep your teeth clean from the effects of bacteria throughout the day.


Metal bits sometimes scratch and puncture the teeth. However, since metal braces exert more pressure on the teeth to straighten them, they may contribute to demineralization and decay of the teeth. However, for clear aligners, these do not have any metallic protruding edges. Hence, they are risk-free and safer.

These are just some of the benefits that should give you an insight into the treatment with these braces. Invisalign help to maintain your look, keeping away the stigma of poor looks. Now you can wear this with a confident smile and choose it as a better option compared to conventional braces. For more information, it is advisable that you contact a dentist in your area.

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