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Catch Up Some Odds and Evens of Free Job Listings

You never know that small candle may be a gateway to your success, isn’t it?

Whether it is a struggle to get good grades in examination or to touch the job verge you love, you need a candle that illuminates your path to get success.

And, at this edge, maybe the engineering “job posting portals” prove as a lending hand to engineering graduates. These digital platforms are the buzz in the market and no doubt, they are proving their value in every way.

The engineering portals with Free Job Listings in India and candidates’ resumes are the interfaces that connect both ends and give a new ray of career to an engineering graduate.

However, a coin has two faces. The same principle is pertinent to job portals also. These have also some of the bright points and some of the drowning flaws as well.
Let’s discuss what they are…

Major Perks (Evens) of Engineering Job Portals

An Accessible and Widen Reach:

Without a single piece of doubt, these free job Listings in India are free and easily accessible for both recruiters and job seekers. Sitting on your couch with an internet connection, you can access these platforms.

Withal, you can target larger audience without spending an extra sum of money. Approx. 80% of youth has laptops or computers and can access the internet at their fingertips. And, it is an e-recruitment procedure for all youths. So, it’s like a cherry on the top, as all youths love to surf the internet for any reason.

Short Hiring Procedure:

Instead of waiting in the queue to follow the full-fledged recruitment campaign, these online entities give the candidates an easy and short procedure to follow. It will definitely save the time and money at both the poles- recruiting agencies and the engineering graduates.

Proactive and Digital Technology:

Who doesn’t want to keep in touch with the latest technological trends? Everyone does. And, these job posting sites are the perfect example of state-of-the-art technology. These are proactive (24*7) availability and an entity with the flair of evolving technology.

Major Pitfalls (Odds) of Engineering Job Portals

Unwanted Applications

However, a recruiting agency has to confront with a number of unwanted applications. Once you post the job, many of the applications will drop on your account and then you have to filter the appropriate application. As not all applications are of a profile, you are looking for. Little bit efforts, you have to put on.

Informal Way to get Candidates:

Some of the recruiting companies and candidates consider these jobs posting websites as the informal means to find a candidate or get the job. Especially, the companies that are intending to promote their professional company’s work culture, etc.

Moreover, “free” tag repels some of the candidates, as they don’t consider free as the ideal ones. They find them informal.

It won’t always work:

It’s true. Simply, no one can deny the exaggerating rate of competition in the current hard-hitting era. Not all job profiles get filled with appropriate candidates’ databases as well as not every candidate will procure their desired profile in expected salary package.

The ball is in your court, now. Analyze the specific situation, and then hit the ball to goal successfully.

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