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Finding the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware Suits for 2018

Before six years ago, BTC mining was a piece of cake. With the improvement of the knowledge of Bitcoin, most of the users started to mine bitcoin using mining hardware. As a result, the difficulty of the mining of bitcoin raised. Because of this, many product engineers thought to make a best bitcoin mining hardware which can get large profitability and efficiency than the ones they had.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware History

At the middle of 2009, the first bitcoin mining hardware used multi-core CPU technology (central processing unit) to produce Bitcoin. If a person had three PCs combined according to specific guidelines, he had the strength to earn $5-10 a day efficiently using this apparatus.

In that time, the difficulty of mining was very faint, and many guys started to mine BTC as their hobbies. But, at the beginning of 2010, BTC was not very worthy. It came under the topic of “Pizza for bitcoins” in a popular forum. It was one of the promotional ways, and many guys used to mine to eat pizza.

At the middle of 2010, bitcoin miner code was published. It created to perform with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). The primary reason to use GPU is to get good profit as the mining difficulty increased. In this period of time, mining with 1 GPU device was sufficient with some tricks. However, it became useless immediately with the popularity of BTC. Because of that, Bitcoin mining hardware engineers wanted better technology for machines.

It was tough to scale the hash power with GPU as these devices pushed away from the user limit. As a result, people pretended to find new methods to improve the profit by joining BTC mining machines together. Finally, the most successful combine found and it was named as mining rig.

Revolution of FPGA

Again with the popularity of BTC, the mining difficulty again rose and, the desired energy to produce BTC also rose. As a solution, Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) introduced. It is a Secure Device Manager that required less amount of energy.

The most critical spec about these machines was the FPGA consumed three times the low power than normal GPU mining machines. They were very useful than old miners, and it was the first turning point to a new level.

The power consumption of the miners that built with FPGA commissioned to build the very first Bitcoin mining farm.

Modern Best Bitcoin mining Hardware

With the increase of science and tech, FPGA bounced into a new level called application specific integrated circuit systems (ASIC). ProductsExplainer, product review site, a mining machine can be only named as a best bitcoin mining hardware if it only has the technology of ASIC or above.

With this change, BTC mining bounced into industrial scale. Most of the organizations began BTC farms using ASIC mining machines. It needed more than 1million dollars to start a large farm. They earned such amount of money using crowdfunding methods.

These mining hardware have a hash power hundred times higher than FPGA miners. There are some other technologies came after ASIC. But this is the most stable kind of tech using in the BTC miner machines. After the invention of ASIC, engineers build machines which can make Etherium and Dash coins too.

The technology used in Bitcoin Mining Farms

The BTC mining farm is a group of mining rigs which made according to some techniques to obtain a more substantial revenue than a rig. All the present bitcoin farms use the ASIC tech. With the increase of electrical energy consumption, many companies invested in solar energy. But it needs a massive amount of money at the start.

Bitcoin mining hardware gives away a large amount of heat. To release that heat, mining farms use their own techniques. Applying air conditioners is the best decision, but it needs more electricity.

In the last week, I saw another good discovery of an organization for cooling down their mining farm. They made their BTC farm inside a giant rock cave. It is located in a mountain, and the registration of the company is entirely legal. Rocks provide a natural cooling function for the area, and it is a great idea to release the heat production.

Many mining firms do not focus on decreasing the noise level as it is very difficult and it doesn’t affect the total profit.

Wrapping up

In this article, I explained the evolution of bitcoin miner hardware and with the increasing of science and technology how it developed. And also explained about modern bitcoin mining farms. If you have some thoughts or ideas about this topic, please comment below. Do not forget to share this valuable content with your loved ones.


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