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How to choose the Right House? What to consider when choosing?

How to choose right house

Start with DOCUMENTS first!

  1. There must be documents for the plot and the house: land certificate + purchase and sale agreement before choosing the right house. (exchange, inheritance agreement, or Resolution of the Head of the district on the formation of a plot (or allocation) and transfer into ownership) + cadastral plan and a separate certificate for the house + purchase agreement sales (and (or) documents with BTI – technical passport and cadastral. If this inheritance writes, we will understand (I treat the inheritance carefully). Do not buy by power of attorney, no matter what they say. If you are looking for a safe and trusted apartment to buy, then please consider Units for sale in Wollongong in your list.
  2. See if the weave really matches in kind and on documents to the cadastral plan.
  3. Look at the purpose and category of land: DO NOT BUY AGRICULTURE. Ideally, if it will be: purpose: land of settlements, category – individual housing construction (or private household plots – the tax, in this case, is less and you can take care of animals)
  4. Look how many times this object was resold and how often it was resold
  5. Request a copy of the Decree on allocation (education ) of this site and to whom (there are often fraudulent schemes).
  6. Request in reg. chamber extract from a single register – see who is the real owner.
  7. Talk to your neighbors. There is a lot to learn.
  8. Ask the owner to go crazy with you. and the drug dispensary. (you can also be limited by rights but …) pay for the certificate to obtain rights.
  9. Specify what you will have underground (power lines, telephone cables, pipes) – this reduces the cost of the site
  10. How many meters from fences to buildings. Where and how they are located. see (or write) SNIPS

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Other Tips

  • Look at the availability of communications Light, WATER, ROADS, gas.
  •  The road leading to the site must be 6 or more meters wide. Otherwise, you will clean it by hand in winter.
  • Light and gas along the border do not mean that you will have it. The light is good if the pole is within 500 m, if not, then the price is negotiable. And if 500 = ONLY 500 rubles + a pole for a meter, a meter, and a cable.) Gas to connect and bring to the site will still cost about “Lema”.
  • Water is also imported in some places
  • Look at the foundation around the house. Cracks, distortions. See what kind of soil, whether the site floods in large floods, whether the water is worth it, etc.

Do not take a wrecked house. It is expensive to demolish and take out. Take a simple site better. It costs less and builds it yourself after controlling the quality of construction. My son and I took the land and built it ourselves, where it was hard to hire a brigade. It came out cheaper and how we want it. And the neighbors bought a cottage and then they altered everything (the roof, the facade, they insulated the walls, changed the windows, etc.) During the construction of these cottages, the son was all indignant at how it was possible to build a 3-story house of 200 square meters on a strip foundation 30 cm deep. + by email cable 10 thousand under the house.

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