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Maintenance Roofs Made With Roofing Roll Materials

Roof Maintenance

The specialists of our plant have developed general rules and regulations that will help to properly operate the roofing roll material:

Various chemically aggressive substances should not get on the surface of the roofing material and have a negative effect – they can harm the coating and reduce its protective functions. For example, it is worth protecting the material from the effects of gasoline, solvents, and various oils. If you have a significant or small crack in the roof, please contact Roof Leak repair NJ to instantly repair it.

  • Avoid the accumulation of large amounts of water on the surface of the roofing material. Similar stagnation occurs in cases of clogging of the drainage system.
  • The roof must be free of debris and dust – accumulations of debris can damage the coating and reduce performance.
  • If small defects appear on the surface of the roof, they must be eliminated immediately.
  • If it is necessary to install additional equipment, it is necessary to install it in accordance with the technical recommendations specified in the project documentation.
  • Blisters may appear on the surface – this defect must also be eliminated as soon as possible.

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It is not recommended to clean the roll covering from snow

The main recommendation of specialists for the care and proper operation of a roof made of roll materials is timely control of the condition of the material. Control should be carried out systematically and regularly – in this case, it will be effective and will extend the life of the roofing. Preventive work will allow you to avoid large-scale problems that may arise in connection with a faulty roof, eliminate minor defects at an early stage when their condition does not make the roof emergency and does not cause more serious damage. It is necessary to identify defects and damage during inspections of the technical condition of the roof. Specialists from specialized institutions carry out scheduled and unscheduled inspections, during which they check and analyze the condition of the roof and determine the necessary measures,

Specialists check the general condition of the roofing roll material, the presence of cracks, chips, blisters and other damage. It is necessary to check the nodes and each element of the roofing. In addition, attention is paid to the general condition of the attic space, if any, and the condition of the apartments on the upper floors of the building. The level of humidity and temperature conditions of the attic room is recorded. All test results are recorded.

When should inspections be carried out? A scheduled inspection of the condition of the roof is carried out every season – in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This type of verification is considered mandatory. Unscheduled control is performed as needed. The reason for the check may be a natural disaster that could cause damage to the roof: strong hurricane wind or downpour, snowfall. The reason for an extraordinary check may be a complaint from the residents of the house.

What documentation is required for verification? It should be noted that if the listed documentation is not available before the inspection, then it must be completed during the inspection of the structure.

  • Plan of the structure of the upper floor of the building under study.
  • Roof structure plan with the specified nodes.
  • Technical documentation, which indicates the technical features of the structure of the roof: gutters, nodes, equipment mounted on the roof.
  • Reports on previous inspections and acts of work performed.


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