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How to Get More Sensitive Down There

Women experience orgasm

Many women face problems of arousal. This can often lead to stress and have an incredible impact on their self-confidence and esteem. When it comes to enjoying copulation, there might be obstacles in the path, including physical, emotional and mental issues. So, what should you do to get more pleasure from or how to get more sensitive down there

According to studies, less than 20% of women experience orgasm on a regular basis when with their partner. Around 30% of women report having issues with sexual arousal, desire and/or orgasm. Additionally, low libido (low sex drive) is the most common complaint from women regarding their sex lives. Many women report feeling desensitized down there and search for reasons and solutions for remedying the condition.

If you too are experiencing lessened vaginal sensitive then this article is a must-read for you.

What causes lack of vaginal sensitivity?

sensitive down there

To learn how to re-sensitize yourself sexually, you first need to know the specific reasons for the problem. Fluctuation in hormone levels and overall circulation are the major causes for loss of sensitivity in vagina and lowered libido.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common reasons that lower female libido and find the solution for the individual problems.

1 – Menopause

Menopause causes the level of estrogen in the body to drop drastically. Estrogen is very important to keep the vaginal tissues smooth and supple, thick and well-lubricated. With a drop in the estrogen levels in the body, the vaginal walls become thin, dry and lose sensitivity.

In addition, hormone replacement therapy, ovarian cancer and removing ovary can also result in similar symptoms and cause loss of vaginal sensitivity.

2 – Stress

The endocrine system controls your hormones. If the endocrine system is affected in any way, it disrupts the normal levels of hormone in the body. For instance, stress increases the level of cortisol hormone in the body. However, this causes the estrogen levels to go down, which can affect the vaginal sensitivity in the same way as menopause. Besides, many women tend to hold stress in their pelvic floor muscles, leading to de-sensitivity in the vaginal tissues.

When you relieve this stress, the pelvic floor muscles get relaxed, which leads to normal flow of blood into the vagina and brings back the sensitivity once more.

3 – Pelvic floor problems

Heavy lifting and vaginal scarring can cause the pelvic floor muscles to stay permanently in the contracted position. This lowers the blood flow to the vaginal region and results in numbness and lack of sensation.

4 – Ageing

Ageing has the most drastic effects on the body. Your body undergoes immense changes, at the physiological and hormonal levels. This often results in lowering the libido and lessening vaginal sensitivity to a great extent.

How to re-sensitize yourself sexually?

Here are the simple solutions you can try to increase vaginal sensitivity:

1 – Consult a doctor

If you’ve experienced menopause, then a topical estrogen cream can help to increase vaginal sensitivity. It is highly important to consult your physician first before trying a new medication.

2 – Talk to a Pelvic floor therapist

If the lack of libido stems from problems with the pelvic floor muscles, then you should talk to a pelvic floor therapist.


At times, changes in vaginal sensitivity may be a temporary problem. However, if the changes are completely unexpected and are showing unusual symptoms, it is strongly recommended to consult your physician or pelvic floor therapist as soon as possible in order to get more pleasure.

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