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How to Start Having Less Screen Time

  1. Why screen time can be harmful

Parents have a legitimate concern when it comes to allowing their children to have too much computer and video game time. Some researchers have found that children who spend too much time playing computer and video games tend to become less compassionate, have lower self-esteem, mood, and productivity issues, as well as impaired interpersonal connections and communication skills. While technology has a tremendous amount of benefits there are many downfalls when not used in moderation. Moderation of technology can also benefit the parent’s pocketbook by lessening the energy usage which will reflect in a lower electricity bill. In order for the moderation of technology to stick you will need to have activities that your child can do in place of screen time.

One of the biggest reasons why screen time can be dangerous is because of the way that children process reality. When they are put into a real world situation, they fail to think logically. As a result, they fail to recognize that they are in a dream world and begin to act out things that do not really exist in real life. For example, if you put a child in a scary video game scenario, it can be difficult for them to realize that they are in fact safe because in the game they are hit by a car or something that could hurt them.

This can be especially dangerous if the child is introduced to violent game consoles. If a parent allows their child to have video games consoles, they must make sure that they monitor the amount of time that their children are spending in front of the television. They must also ensure that they are talking to their children about the dangers of aggressive video games. If the parent fails to do these things, it can be difficult for them to stop the aggressive behavior. It is important that parents make sure that they understand the risks associated with screen time as much as they understand the benefits of video games for children.

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 2. How to stick to screen time limits   

 How to stick to screen time limits is one of the biggest debates between parents and kids. There’s a lot of grumbling going on about how long should kids stay in front of the computer, and parents feel helpless about it. After all, we’re their parents and we should know what’s best for them. You probably don’t want to spend all day at home watching your kid’s computer screen or even worse, you don’t have time to do it yourself anyway. So here are some tips to help you learn how to stay away from that stress.

First, make sure you set a screen time limit for your child. Don’t let them have free rein of the computer for hours on end. It’s easy for kids to get into the habit of not getting enough sleep so if they’ve been given a few more hours free, it’s going to be hard to get them to stick to the screen time limit. This will actually cause more problems than it solves. Kids are going to want to use the computer when they have uninterrupted time during the day, not when mom and dad are working.

Set screen time to an hour or less. Many schools will insist that students stay on a computer screen for a certain amount of time. The problem with this, though, is that they’re not getting enough rest, and when they do sleep they’ll be tired and irritable. This is just the opposite of what you want to happen when you’re trying to teach them to stay away from distractions.

Don’t talk down to kids who are using the computer too much, either. Let them know that TV and video games can be dull and they might enjoy them more if they had more time to do other activities. Talk to them about what they do best when they’re done with the computer and let them know that spending too much time on the computer could make them feel lazy.

The key to being successful with limiting screen time is to find fun alternatives for your kids to do or activities to do as a family.  This could be either taking a walk, reading books or comic books, learning to cook, play an instrument, or joining a sports league. There are so many benefits of cultivating the interests and hobbies of your children. Some skills can turn into lifelong interests, or they could turn their skills into money-making opportunities.  And with less technology and energy use in your New York Home, you should also expect lower Orange & Rockland bills. So, there are many benefits of minimizing your screen time.

 3. Finding things to do not online 

Are you having trouble finding things to do rather than being online? If so, you might want to give up your desire to be able to do many things online and go back to the real world. The internet is great, but it can become your new best friend or your new worst enemy depending on your actions. If you don’t know what you’re doing with your time online, you could end up wasting a lot of time just trying to understand what’s going on. You can learn how to make your life more enjoyable if you learn to live without the internet.

Trying to find things to do other than technology can be a challenge especially if you live in suburban areas like New York or Chicago where you most likely won’t have a yard to run around or play sports but with a little research, you might be surprised the number of fun activities in your area.

So what are some things that you can do in order to live a simpler life? The first thing that you need to realize is that you’re not going to be able to learn everything from reading a book or listening to an audio guide. If you’re trying to learn some basic techniques for using the internet, these methods will probably never work. You need to learn from people who actually use the internet every day and who have been successful for themselves.

If you know someone who uses the internet and has become successful, then you should ask them what they did to achieve all of this. Are there any particular strategies or habits that they developed over the years that made them successful? The truth is, most people who become successful online are simply doing the things that worked for them. They find out what works for them and then simply repeat those strategies over again. The key is to simply replicate successful behavior instead of trying to invent some special internet strategy.

Another good idea is to read a book about a subject related to your niche. If you’re in network marketing, you might find that you read a book on internet marketing that was written by someone who is already successful. Reading something like this may be the best advice that you can get, especially if you’re not as familiar with the field as someone who’s been in it for many years. They’ll be able to give you insider tips and help you make more money. It might even spark a new idea or two.

Do you enjoy reading books or magazines? This is another thing that you can do in order to become more educated on the internet. Simply going online and reading a magazine is going to waste a lot of time and isn’t going to really help you to become more knowledgeable on the information that you’re looking for. Instead, you’re better off reading an internet magazine or book. You’ll get much more value out of the time that you spend, and you’ll also learn something new.

There are many different ways of finding things to do instead of being online. All you need to do is start digging. Instead of sitting at home and thinking about how to make more money, spend your time digging up the information that you need. Digging up information is something that you’re going to be quite happy with.

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