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How To Send Money On Snapchat?

snapchat money

Snapchat has a new trick for messaging apps just when we thought they couldn’t get more unusual. Snapchat, the famous messaging app that has gained worldwide fame, recently announced “Snapcash,” a new feature through Square Cash.

This allows users to send money on Snapchat to friends or family via text messages. This feature is available on Android and will soon be available for iOS.

It’s not the first time that a social networking app has looked into peer-to-peer payments. Let’s learn how Snapcash works and how to send money via Snapchat.

Before moving ahead, understand that Snapcash is only available to US residents aged 18+ with a verified US phone number.

How Does This Process Work?

You can now send money through Snapchat by simply adding a payment method to your Snapchat account, such as a debit card.

Just type a dollar amount in the text-chat box and hit the green button to send money instantly to a friend.

How To Send Money Via Snapchat To Friends Or Family?

Are you curious to know about how to use snapcash? Snapcash was moreover accessible through Cash App.

 If you are a Snapcash user, you might like this application. Let’s understand how to use the payment system. Now let’s move further to know how to send money over Snapchat?

Step 1: Download the app from the play store or apple store.

Step 2: Once you download the app, and then link it with your debit/credit card.

Step 3: Next, open a chat with the person you wish to send cash to.

Step 4: Click on the Pay button.

Step 5: Type $ and the amount that you wish to send. A green Snapcash button should appear.

Step 6: Click on the Snapcash button. This will convert your amount to Snapcash. The amount marked with a dollar sign will turn green.

Step 7: Now, tap on Send. You can now send money to your loved one by tapping on Send.

Once the money has been sent to your Snapchat contact, they will receive a notification that a payment was sent. You must accept the payment within 24hrs by linking your Snapchat account with a debit card.

However, before you press to pay, tap the drop-down menu on the screen head to choose the preferred and relevant payment technique.

The money will be returned to the sender if the recipient does not accept the payment. Snapcash transactions can be retrieved at any time by accessing your Profile Settings. Click on “Snapcash” under “My Account.”

Due to security and privacy concerns on Snapchat, you can be sure that that app will securely handle your debit card information. SnapCash, the Snapchat feature, allows you to instantly transfer money online to friends and family without leaving Snapchat.

Cha-Ching! You’ve Finally Transferred The Cash!

Although it isn’t quite the same as Snapcash, this could be used for e-commerce marketing. If you are a Snapcash fan, Cash App is worth a look.

Go on Snapchat!

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