Monday, November 13

How to Use Your Twitter Account to Earn Extra Money?

Today people can make money online using several social Media Platforms like YouTube channel and Facebook by marketing there brand. However, Twitter is one another entrepreneurial approach to earn money and give another level to your career. From a past few years, these Micro-blogging sites have grown up for making money online. You can make some side income using Twitter with the help of some entrepreneurial skill and creativity. You can consider following approaches for making money using Twitter.

  • Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the approach for getting thoughts, ideas or information from a group of people. It is better to use a collective mind of users rather than single mind to develop a Service idea or product to make money. Twitter provides you this opportunity by gathering help and contribution from your followers for getting fund for your business. It is an effective way to make plenty of money using Twitter without selling any product or service.

  • Sell your Product and Services

Twitter is a platform where you can earn some extra cash by marketing your brand and can also be aware of current trends and events. You can sell your brand on twitter without any funding. You can seek the attention of users towards your brand by promoting it on twitter or offering some discount over your product.

  • Build Link

To expose your site’s content to new audience simply post the link of the site to your twitter account. By sharing the link on twitter you can increase traffic to your site also helps you to move up the search ranking.

  • Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets means a sponsor will pay you to tweet about their product and brand. A user with a Twitter account and with many targeted followers can eligible for a Sponsored Tweet. All you need to do create an account through sponsored tweet section fill the profile and set price per tweet. If advertiser satisfied with your profile he will approach you to make sponsors tweet. Users found it significant ways to generate extra bucks by delivering promotional tweets.

  • Use Affiliate Marketing

Advertising the brand and product through your twitter page is referred as Affiliate Marketing. Using Affiliate Marketing you will get some percentage of commission depends upon the sales made through your referral. Affiliate Marketing is an efficient way to promote your blog and website or raise traffic.

  • Organize Twitter Contest

By arranging twitter contest you can get in touch with your followers who want to some publicity for their business.It is a good way to engaging a user’s as they are influenced with a prize. You can offer different exciting levels of deals by holding twitter contest.

  • Communicate with Customers

You can promote your business and brand on twitter without paying any money. You can keep update to users about deals and offers by sending personal messages. Doing this you can also tend to make new followers for your twitter account. Using Twitter you can get to know about the choice of your customers and current trends. Try to connivance them to give valuable feedback for your brand and give them an informative reply if they are not satisfied with a particular thing.

  • Conclusion

Twitter can be a powerful tool and Social Media Platform to make money using above technics. It became a huge medium to make money and millions of tweets are exchange per second and a hence significant way for sharing a variety of content.

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