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What You Should Know Before Investing in Colored Diamonds

Profit and loss are likely the two most important words in any investor’s vocabulary. These two words are critical to investment, regardless of what the investment is. This is true for Investing in Colored Diamonds like it is for all investments.

Before you start Investing in Colored Diamonds, you need knowledge in them.  At Hard Carbon Inc. Our most successful clients are the ones with the most Colored Diamond knowledge, due in part, to our client education program on Investing in Colored Diamonds.

Colored Diamonds Supply & Demand

Colored Diamonds are valuable and can deliver positive results to investors. Colored Diamonds are very rare, with less than 1 out of every 10,000 diamonds found, being a Colored Diamond.

In addition, the world is running out of Colored Diamonds. Argyle, who has produced more than 90% of the world’s Argyle Pink Diamonds is closing within the next 6-8 months because they are out of diamonds. Ellendale, one of the world’s largest suppliers of Yellow Diamonds has already closed, for the same reason.

Demand is rising but supply is shrinking and even if a new kimberlite deposit is found today, it could take 8-10 years to come to market. In any market, when supply is becoming limited and the demand stays the same or rises, the price of that commodity generally rises.

Colored Diamonds Mitigate the Downside Risk

One of the most important items for an investment portfolio today is the preservation of capital. With the COVID crisis, oil price war, stock market retraces and all other crises that have hit investors in 2020, preservation of capital are now more important than perhaps any time in recent history.

An analyst who studied Colored Diamonds extensively, a couple of years ago, came up with a starting find which was “Colored Diamonds have not lost money at the wholesale level, over a period of a year, for over 50 years in a row.” They do go up and down when disasters or other crisis’s hit, but generally bounce back higher than they were before the drop.

Colored Diamonds are a hard asset that clients hold in their vaults or bank safety deposit boxes. There are virtually no storage costs to pay and a million dollars or more of Colored Diamonds can be held in one’s hand, so they can be transported at a moment’s notice if need be.

Colored Diamonds are a private market, not a public one, so there’s no risk of shorting like there is in gold, silver of paper stocks. That brings stability to the market place and client holdings.

Colored Diamonds Potential Investment Gains

Colored Diamonds have a strong price gain history. Rio Tinto, a public company and the owner of Argyle, has stated their Argyle Pink Diamonds have gained 500% since year 2000. Argyle being a bit more specific has stated Argyle Pink Diamonds have risen 300% over the last decade. Now the mine closes in the next 8 months.

While good gains are available in Colored Diamonds, clients need to purchase the property. The right diamonds have the right carat weight, color, color intensity, clarity, and purchased at the right price from a reputable dealer.

At Hard Carbon Inc., we educate our clients, so they learn which diamonds to buy, what price to pay, and can estimate their future gains. We make their experience in Investing in Colored Diamonds an enjoyable one

Why Pick Hard Carbon Inc for Investing in Coloured Diamonds

In any investment strategy, probably the most important decision one makes is the first one-the real estate agent, the brokerage firm, or the diamond dealer one works with.

The management of Hard Carbon Inc has numerous years of experience in the industry and believe we are the best option for clients investing in Colored Diamonds.

First, before we sell anything to a client, we spend time understanding their overall investment strategy, their investment horizon, their budget for purchasing, and any preferences they might have in Colored Diamonds. We ensure they learn and understand which type of diamond will fit their requirements the best.

Second, we source from the best possible suppliers in the world, who purchase large quantities of uncut diamonds at auction, cut, polish and GIA certify them. We augment those mainline suppliers with distributors who supply specialty diamonds, to offer the best and largest supply available for our clients. This assures our clients of tremendous choice, best possible prices, and the highest quality of diamonds.

We offer various purchase options such as credit cards, layaway plans, and trade-in plans which allow a client to trade in their diamond at market value against another. We also offer custom jewelry fabrication for clients looking to buy that special setting for a loved one or for themselves.

We stay in contact with client emails on industry trends or special opportunities and continually provide you with your current portfolio pricing. We work hard to ensure your experience Investing in Colored Diamonds is a successful one.

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