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Which Social Media Marketing Tools Are Needed For Business

Social media marketing(SMM) is a great storming way for all types of businesses to reach consumers and prospects. Customers are using and interacting with different brands and so why not to jump on this opportunity and speak with the audience directly with such social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. Powerful marketing on social media apps will give remarkable results for the business, creating an impact on consumers’ minds and eventually driving sales and leads.

Every business wants to grow with social media nowadays. You need to become a good manager to manage different social media accounts. Social media management is a great task for business, if you are having a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, so have to manage multiple social media accounts as part of your job.

More than 85% of businesses use more than two social media accounts to engage the customers. When there are 3.80 billion active users of social media till Jan 2020, why not use social media for your prospective customers’ leads, it’s a solid reason to use an active platform to generate more enhancement and engagement in business.

The 10 marketing tools you need for starting a business, to manage social media accounts, to engage your customers, monitor, and analyze the activities to stay at the top.


Hootsuite is one of the leading tools for managing multiple social media accounts from a single use of an easy dashboard. This tool will help to connect with people on social media sites and do amazing stuff. Hootsuite will completely transform social human interaction and make things better.

It supports 35 different social media profiles for social media marketing and available in 16 languages. and about 28,917 companies and  175+ countries use Hootsuite for their business. Around 18+ million active users of Hootsuite across the world.

It’s an awesome tool for businesses to manage their social accounts in one place.


Buffer is an easy to use app that helps you to publish your posts, track your activities, manage your campaigns,  manage the individual posts, get perception to grow, engage, and sell. More of post scheduling is used to publish posts and monitor and track them.

Through buffers sharing your multiple posts or resources by using unique messages can double your traffic and can viral your post. so, it’s just an alright tool to accomplish it.

Buffer is not just a scheduling post tool but also a powerful tool to measure your analytics and statistics to reveal your information.

In an easy way  buffer allows you:

  • Planning and scheduling the posts.
  • Implementing.
  • Measuring.

Sprout social

 Are you getting difficulty connecting with your potential customers and getting them engaged with social media networks?

Sprout social is exactly the tool which aid you to connect with customers on leading networks including:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

It’s a cohesive business solution with listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics.


 IFTTT is a great exceptional and unique kind of management tool. You can create two mixture of recipes to control your social media automatic mode.

IFTTT connects two social networks and creates recipes. Like an action on Facebook will automatically trigger an action on Twitter( or any other social media).

For example, updated about the new product info on Facebook will automatically reflect on Instagram too. It works on different social apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

There are already hundreds of new formulas (recipes, using the if-then tool) available on the IFTTT, so you don’t need to create new ones.


 Oktopost is a social media platform for managing businesses  (B2B) enterprises. With Oktopost Business can post a large volume of social content across multiple social channels. It works on different forms of marketing tools that worked on by tracking in-depth analytics and strategy.

The OktoPost has the potential to check and track the clicks on posts, company profiles, and customer engagement.


HubSpot is full of marketing your business which is one of the leading tools and comes in top players. It is a marketing software solution, CRM software. It is all in one marketing software tool for attracting the visitors into converting into closing customers, it creates a funnel altogether.

With the software, your business has access to blogging, SEO, websites, lead management, landing pages, call in action, analytics.

When you need everything on one plate it’s a great tool for business to pull you in one place only.

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