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4 Must-Have Motherhood Maternity Essentials

What was your first reaction when the doctor delivered the ‘good news’? Becoming a parent is a rewarding experience despite all the hardship one has to endure during the nine months of pregnancy and postpartum. And, if you have recently received the good news from the doctor, congratulations! The most exciting year of your life has started. With doctor appointments, baby shower planning, room decorations, finding a good name, making calls to family members, etc. we know the new responsibility is likely to keep your plates full. And amidst all this stress and workload, don’t forget to prepare the ‘motherhood maternity kit’ to avoid last-minute problems.

What is a motherhood maternity kit?

As the name suggests, a maternity kit is a collection of temporary clothes and other essential items which might become useful during the entire maternity period. For instance, the body undergoes changes during pregnancy to accommodate the growth of embryo over the three trimesters. Your belly will grow larger and all your clothes will stop fitting. Besides, you would want something comfortable and loose to wear during your pregnancy. From super-soft leggings and slip-on to easy-to-wear dresses and jumpsuits, by the end of 2nd trimester, you’d want most of the things purchased in advance for a cool and comfy pregnancy.

We know no one is born a mother and so, if it is your first time preparing a Baby Motherhood Maternity kit, you’ll need some help. And that’s exactly why we are here. Read below to find the essential motherhood maternity kit essentials.

1.     C Cushion Woven Pregnancy Pillow for added comfort while sleeping

A well-rested sleep is one of the most important requirements in our everyday life. It becomes even more important during pregnancy when all the physical, mental and emotional changes keep you awake. This is when to-be mothers need additional back support and comfort. The C-Shaped Pillows from Miarcus are the perfect pillow for that perfect snuggle and stress-free sleep. It provides mothers with both perfect nestling and stable support during pregnancy days. The pillow can be used for a comfortable sleep in multiple positions.

2.     Comfy and breathable fabrics

No matter how many pairs of clothes one has, there’s always a favourite jeans/ shirt/ t-shirt/ leggings, etc. If you do, chances are you’ll have one during pregnancy as well. But, in order to find your favourite legging during pregnancy, you might have to try out a few first. So, look for leggings made of comfortable, skin-friendly fabric that extends above the bump. You can also go for a high waist which lets you play with proportion: tuck in a tank or cover with a floaty top.

3.     Extra-long tanks and tees

Leggings aren’t the only things you would want to be soft and comfortable during the nine months of hardship. Yeah, you guessed that right! You’d need the same soft and comfortable fabric for your maternity t-shirts and tops to live in like your leggings. Tops that are cosy and are cut for your transforming shape.

4.     A long cardigan

If you are expecting the delivery in winters, loose-fit, comfortable woollen clothes are a must for your maternity collection. Thinking about cold months and pregnancy, a long cardigan is just what you need. Cardigans are both long and warm, but most importantly, they make an amazing outfit. Pair it with your pyjamas, leggings, t-shirt or anything else you like, cardigans won’t disappoint.

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