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Is My Dog The Right Weight? | Dog Weight Chart In 2022

Dog Weight Chart

Dogs are the most loyal pets a human can ever imagine having in their household. This is because having a dog around in the household brings great joy to anyone living inside the house. Dogs are very loyal to their masters and will always protect them and their house no matter what the cost.

Therefore, to ensure that they get the best treatment and care from their human master, you must ensure that they are maintaining a healthy weight at all times. However, to do so, you must know what is the perfect weight for your dog, depending on its species.

However, even if there are several dog species with different recommended weights, it’s possible to unify them all. This can be done by visually analyzing the weight of the dog. It is done using the Body Condition Scoring System as a reference for all dog species.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the ideal weight for your dog, then continue reading to learn more about the Body Conditioning Scoring System.

Why Is The Right Weight Important For My Dog?

Just like humans, dogs also need to stay at the proper weight to lead a healthy life. This is because, just like humans, dogs can also suffer from adverse health effects if they are underweight or overweight.

Research indicates that maintaining the weight of your dog is essential in keeping their health in check. This is because it has been found that keeping the weight of your dog at healthier levels will make them survive longer.

Recent studies have proved that dogs who have maintained their weight at leaner levels have survived around 1.8 years more than underweight or overweight dogs. That means that if you feed your dog right and maintain their weight, they will live for approximately 2 years more.

The Body Condition Scoring System

The Body Conditioning System is a visual method to assess the health of your dog. Here, you can simply tell how healthy a dog is simply by looking at them and judging its weight using your hands.

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How To Measure The Weight Of Your Dog According To The Body Conditioning System?

To measure the weight of your dog using just your hands and sight, follow these steps in order:

Run your hands around the ribs of your dog to see how bony, muscular, or fatty your dog’s chest area on the sides is. You don’t even need to ru8nn your hands around the chest area of your dog if they have a shorter fur coat. However, it is definitely required for furrier dogs, like a Pomeranian.

Stages Of The Body Conditioning System

There are seven stages that indicate the health of your dog as per its body shape and weight according to the Body Conditioning System. These stages are:

Stage 1

In this stage, you can prominently see all the major outer bones of the body – like pelvic bones and ribs. There is very little body fat and much less muscle mass. All of these can be noticed from a distance as well.

Stage 2

In Stage 2, the outer bones like the ribs, pelvic bones, and the backbone can be seen from a distance as well. A Little muscle mass and body fat are present. However, the overall structure of the dog is still bony.

Stage 3

In Stage 3, the dog still remains thin. However, the bone structure of the ribs, backbone, and pelvic bones are less visible. Muscle mass and body fat can be felt a bit.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is the ideal stage that you would want your dog to weigh. In this stage, the body is no longer bony, and some muscle mass and body fat are present. One look at the dog, and you will automatically figure out that the dog is healthy.

Stage 5

Another ideal stage for dogs, here the waist can be seen visibly from the top. Good muscle mass and body fat can be noted when seen from the top. The dog also does not appear to be bony at all.

Stage 6

Here, the excess fat on the dog’s body can be observed. The ribs and bone structure can’t be seen clearly when looked at.

Stage 7

Here, you can take one look at the dog and can deduce its obesity. The visible bone structure is gone, and there is a thick layer of fat near the abdomen and the neck. The waistline also becomes less visible.

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All species of dogs have different ideal weights, depending on their body structure and size. Therefore, it is difficult to measure its ideal weight by weighing them through one uniform scale. That is why the Body Conditioning System of scoring and measuring the ideal weight is used for all situations.

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