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Why major testing programs are moving to online assessments


online assessments

The process of learning and increasing skills and information is known as assessment. Why major testing programs are moving to online assessments? For each topic, online assessment employs a variety of learning, selection, and analysis procedures. When a student is giving a written exam, they are worried about handwriting, presentation, punctuation, etc.; none of these is related to their knowledge and expertise.

Online testing eliminates these extra steps and simply asks for the needed knowledge. This is where online platforms like Janison Insights come into the picture. They not only assist students but also develop scalable online assessment and learning solutions for forward-thinking educators, organizations, and governments.

Advantages of Online Assessment

online learning

1.    Enhances Learning Skills

Learning improves the student’s understanding and encourages them to achieve better than before. Students get involved in multiple learning skills using online assessment because it uses various processes such as planning, execution, analysis, and many more.

2.    Flexible Time and Location

It is one of the most well-discussed benefits of online examinations. Students can administer tests and exams in any location they choose. Teachers will benefit as well, as they can assess the assessments remotely. It helps professors and students save time and, of course, money on travel.

For many students, untimed and resumable online tests that may be completed from any device are a godsend. These tests are beneficial because students don’t have to worry about missing a test. They are free to resume their examination.

3.    Enhances the Student Engagement

In online assessment, students are more actively engaged in their learning process since it provides a variety of approaches to solving an issue, which helps engage students more.

4.    Decreases the Burden on Administration

During exams, administrators are responsible for printing exam papers, distributing them, and even setting up exam centers and classrooms. All of this can be reduced with an online assessment. Also, one can say that online assessment is also helping in saving paper and helping the environment.

5.    Automatic Test Creation

Creating multiple assessments can be tough for teachers at times. Various techniques and technology are available, including automated test generation, one of the most beneficial features of an online assessment. Various major testing programs assess a student’s knowledge and talents differently. So, this test software helps decide which test to run. Teachers can create a large database of questions covering various topics.

6.    Helps Achieve Objectives and Goals

When it comes to students, they have a set of aims and objectives. These objectives assist kids in achieving success while also motivating them to study more. Online exams assist students in learning via planning and execution, allowing them to become closer to their goals.

7.    Faster Feedback and Result

Online assessments are simple to evaluate. As a result, candidates obtain results much faster than in the previous procedure. This will shorten the time it takes to receive test results and lessen the anxiety that the candidate experiences while waiting for the results. Students can also provide feedback that educators can use to grasp students’ knowledge and adjust their teaching techniques accordingly.


Online assessment is beneficial not only to students but also to administrators. It is easier to provide kids helpful feedback on how they are doing, what areas they’re good at, and what learning areas they need to work on.

Regarding test management, online assessments mean less effort and higher quality outcomes for teachers. The quality and integrity of online assessments will benefit students. These also assist the admissions officer in improving the quality of education. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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