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Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumber: 4 Reasons To Believe It

Technology makes our life and work a little easier. “Smart” devices remind us about our deadline,but Technology Making Us Dumber due tasks, and provide every detail with the touch of fingers. But the problem is that, due to the availability of easy information, we are becoming more and more dependent on it.

Technology helps us save time, complete tasks, and have instant access to any important information. However, the chances are that as our dependency on technology increases, our actual productivity declines.

The main example of it is that whenever students have an academic burden they look for external help. This help is generally from the internet, let’s suppose they want essay help for their degree. They will simply look for a good academic writer and get help from them.

How Is Technology Decreasing Our Productivity

Many researchers argue that technology is decreasing the productivity of people. There are four main reasons for it, let’s have a look at them in detail.

1- Notifications Create Technology Addiction

Notifications create Technology Addiction

Apps on the phone constantly send notifications to users. However, studies show that constant manipulation of the device stimulates the production of the pleasure hormone dopamine in the brain. And consequently, a real addiction is formed in a person. According to studies, a person checks his or her smartphone on average 80 to 150 times a day. How can you be productive if you don’t let go of the device for a whole day?

2- Technology Makes Us Dumber

Technology Makes us Dumber

Technology indeed allows us to do incredible things. It is difficult to argue with the fact that they help solve problems that we could not have dealt with before. But overall, smart technology makes us dumber. Perhaps the reason is that people have come to rely on them too much.

Can you tell right now (without Google’s clue) who was the first female CEO to top the Fortune Global 500? Hardly anyone can answer it! It is the main problem. If the muscles of the body are not trained, they will weaken. The brain is technically not a muscle, of course.

But if smartwatches remind us of when to go to a meeting and when to visit the bathroom, then we certainly won’t get smarter, right? We have transferred to machines what makes us human – the ability to think.

3- We Communicate With Technology Instead Of People

Communicate With Technology

How long have you been just having dinner at a restaurant and looking around? Most likely, a very long time ago, since in a restaurant, you are more accustomed to looking at a gadget screen. But if you looked around, you would probably notice that other people are busy with their smartphones. A room full of people and every gaze is focused on one point – on the backlit screen of a small device.

4- Reliant On Technology

Reliant On Technology

In today’s world, every piece of information is available on the internet. Moreover, there are online services for every task. From assignment writing services to copywriters, you can just hire somebody to do your task. This is making people more reliant on the internet more with every passing day. It is not only decreasing their productivity but also affecting creativity.

Technology impacts our physical and mental health and slows down the functioning of the brain. There is no doubt that the internet facilitates us and makes most of our tasks easier but relying only on it for getting the work done is not beneficial.


Technology has made the world narrower by giving us access to it through the device in our pocket. For example, a writer no longer needs to travel to another city to hand over his texts to a publisher. Technique makes things easier, but it stops us from communicating. Perhaps the first step is simply to accept that the more we surround ourselves with advanced technologies, the more dependent we become on them.

Digital communication is different from live communication. The web allows you to overcome certain barriers, which is good. But we substitute it for real communication and reap the consequences. Technology has certainly changed the world around us, but it’s worth considering how they are changing us. And it’s a fact that we are not becoming more productive, thanks to them.



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