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5 Basic Principles Of Logo Design For Your Organization

Not everyone is creative and skilled to make a logo for the organization. Several people either are learning this skill, or blessed to make several logos and designs for the clients with no or less knowledge regarding the designs. It is essential to maintain the quality of the logo design so that it can be print, use on the website and other several platforms. Here are some basic ideas through which you will be able to make sure that you are designing your logo on the correct track. However, to understand that you must know the elements to make your logo the best.

What makes an excellent Logo?

Remember, Logo is to identify the message of the business or the organization. There are 5 basic principles of the logo, if you follow them as advised by the team of Logo Design Services UK, you will be able to get recognition in the industry.

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Appropriate
  • Versatile
  • Timeless


Simplicity is one of the basic elements you should have in your logo. It will easily convey the message of the brand to the audience as well as help them remember you for the long run. However, there are times when you need to change or modify the logo according to the trend, so here as well you must work on the simplicity of the logo. It will benefit you and your audience to have a clear conversation through a logo. If you look at the journey of Pepsi, or Starbucks it will show you how the complex designs simplified over time. It cannot be done within a few years, this requires a strong recognition in the industry to modify the logo to attract more audience.


The logo can be memorable in various ways. Like adding simple fonts, colors, or abstracts, which can be easily memorized. It will encourage the audience to pay more attention to one of your core elements and remember it for a long time. This will maintain your brand identity in the mind of the audience. Like people, still, remember the first logo of Pepsi and how with time and space it changed. It will create an impact on audience loyalty as well as trust that you are doing it for the better. To make a better logo, you must design a simple design with memorable & recognizable colors. So that you can differentiate it from rivals.


When you are making a logo for your organization, you must make it appropriate for it. As it may contain an appropriate brand message or symbol to connect it with the organization. It is as if you are targeting kids, you must use designs and mascots according to the kids.


When you are designing, you should know that logo could be anything; it can be a button from a shirt to a historical animal-like dinosaur. You must know that the size matters, you have to design the logo to stay comfortably in the 10-millimeter wrapper or the 10-meter banner on the street. It can have at least 3 backgrounds including white and black, with different layouts you will be able to maintain your brand identity in the market.


If you have a logo with simple ideas and colors, it will become effective and timeless. Working effectively with new trends and classic designs, it will be able to make the position in the industry.


Once you know all these principles, you will have great ideas for your logo. Like you will have a clear direction for the logo, as to where you want to go with your logo. It will provide you a clear roadmap for a variety of logo ideas and briefs to understand the brand demands and the expectations of the audience. With these principles, you can develop the correct aesthetic for your logo. It will require focus and skills to maintain that aesthetic for the logo design. For designing a logo, you will need to have a correct mood board, which will maintain your brand message with fonts, abstracts, and colors. This will help you to balance the aesthetic of the logo design. You must sketch your ideas first, then show them to the client once the design is approved you can work further on it.

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