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On board the Indian Royal train: Palace on Wheels 1800 dollars a Night

We are used to imagining super busy, dirty and really cheap Indian trains and buses. But the collaboration between Rajasthan Tourism Corporation and Indian Railway has given birth to a super-luxurious train of the latest generation that, they say, could revolutionize Indian rail traffic. We’ll see.

A new way of traveling in India that makes this country perhaps more accessible even to those who cannot easily adapt to the Indian style! Travel with a luxury train is one of the amazing and exotic experience which gives you unforgettable memories for the lifetime.

A different way to see India? Luxury trains. These are real hotels on rails that will make you live emotions of enchantment in the lands of the Marajaha. Toy trains, which will pass between plains and mountains, along four really picturesque railways that were built in the golden age.

Passing through Delhi and Bombay, Calcutta and Madras, you will enjoy continuous and beautiful landscapes, but above all, on the move! Through deserts and jungle, you will come to Shimla, but also to Darjeeling in the eastern Himalayas.

But there is another train famous for these really enchanting tourist routes, and it is the Palace on Wheels that runs through Rajasthan here you will enjoy a train built specifically for Maharaja and Viceroy of India.

The train tour starts at the New Delhi station to cross many cities in Rajasthan, such as Jaipur and Jodhpur to Agra, Uttar Pradesh, to admire one The Taj Mahal one of the 7 Wonder of the world

It’s called Palace on Wheels Luxury Train and to pay the super-deluxe suite you pay from $800 to $ 1800 per person per night! Considering that the tour lasts 8 days, the total amount is 12,000 dollars. The fare includes travel in India, catering, guided tours, museum and palace tickets, a camel ride to Jaisalmer and a boat trip to Udaipur.

In 14 coaches of a particular and strictly unique luxury, in each one, you will find the principality of belonging: a palace that travels, with every comfort, with the best furniture and the most precious velvets. Today two restaurant cars have been added where you can eat, but also a library where you can relax and read while admiring the beautiful views from the window: this journey has a duration of seven days.

Another train to remember is the Royal Orient Luxury Train, which, starting from Dehli instead passes through the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Even here a week of travel, which will take place during the night: the day you will be busy visiting the cities in which you pass: from Udaipur to Somnath, from Sasan Gir National Park to Ahmedpur Mandvi.

Deccan Odyssey is also the one of the luxurious train in India which offered so six different itineraries which cover the famous destinations of India. Itineraries are named as Indian Odyssey, Maharashtra Splendor, Hidden Treasures of Gujarat, Indian Sojourn, Maharashtra Wild Trail and Jewels of the Deccan. Deccan Odyssey offers so many onboard facilities such as presidential suites, multi cuisine restaurants, bar & lounge room, signature ayurveda spa, Wi-Fi and so many other amenities. Deccan Odyssey is also famous as Blue Limo. This train is owned by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation.

Last but certainly not in order of beauty is the Maharajas’ Express, a luxury train that also offers mini itineraries from 7 nights 8 days, touching Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Here the carriages will offer you every kind of comfort: from the Wi-Fi connection to the excellent eating options. 23 coaches at your comfort, but also two restaurants, a games room, and a bar. In short: a real luxury hotel, but on rails.

Apart from all these, there are also some other trains of India which offers a luxurious journey such as Tejas Express, Gatimaan Express, Samjhauta Express, Mahaparinirvan Express, Lifeline Express, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Maitree Express, Thar Express, Golden Chariot, Fairy Queen, and Red Ribbon Express.

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