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Looking for the Best Pain Management EMR Software in 2021?

Best Pain Management EMR

Did you know that more than 62% of practitioners in the US change their EMR within a year? I know you’re wondering, “Why?” One of the main problems these doctors had was that their EMR software was unsuitable for their practice. To avoid needing to replace EMR software within a year, we’ve compiled a list of the best pain management EMR software in 2021.

We understand that choosing the best EMR software can be a difficult feat. There are numerous things to consider, such as “Do I want a cloud-based EMR or an on-premise EMR?” or “What features do I require for my practice?”

Of course, with the current epidemic, locating the best EMR for pain management practices is even more crucial than it was previously. The reason is simple: physical foot traffic in practices has been reduced to a bare minimum, and more than 45 percent of patient appointments are conducted via a telecommunication instrument such as telemedicine or telehealth. Not only would you require an EHR software that is functional and has all of the capabilities you require, but it should also be coupled with telemedicine software.

I understand that all of this information can be overwhelming, so please stick with us as we discuss some of the best pain management EMR software in this post. We’ll also look at their features, cost, and advantages and disadvantages. Without further ado, here are some of our best pain management EMR software recommendations:


RXNT EMR software is a cloud-based, multi-specialty EMR that enables flexibility, scalability, and mobility in your practice’s digital infrastructure. It enables pain management specialists and orthopedics to create a centralized system for storing and managing patient information in such a way that positive patient outcomes are maximized while operations are streamlined. In other words, it’s software that benefits both you and your patients.

Implementing a full-fledged pain management EMR, such as RXNT EMR software, will assist you in streamlining clinical workflows, automating tedious administrative activities, and improving the patient experience.

If you are preoccupied with repetitive and time-consuming clinical and administrative activities, you will most likely be unable to offer your patients the care they need. As a result, RXNT EMR software assists you in streamlining processes to reduce the strain of non-productive duties.

Among the notable aspects of RXNT EMR are:

  • Simplified Patient Check-In
  • Convenient Lab Integration
  • Customizable Patient Encounters
  • Seamless Connections and Data Exchanges

We’ve also compiled a list of RXNT EMR’s top reviews and feedback from Software Finder to build a list of advantages and drawbacks of RXNT EMR.


  • Easy e-prescribing
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Doesn’t need much training
  • Interactive and easy-to-use user interface


  • A formulary is not frequently updated

It also provides a rapid patient intake procedure, which is important in pain management procedures because it decreases patient wait time.

Pricing: RXNT EMR pricing begins at $85 per month per provider, and their full suite of services begins at $150 per month per provider.


CureMD EMR is a specialty-specific cloud-based platform developed for medical practices of all sizes. They concentrate on developing cutting-edge healthcare IT systems that streamline and simplify administrative and clinical procedures in your practice management practice. Their ultimate goal is to assist practices in saving time, resources, and effort while also maximizing gains and value.

The following are some of the most important features of CureMD EMR Software:

  • Pre-Designed Templates
  • Procedure & Radiology Order Custom List
  • E-Prescription (Gold Certified)
  • Pain Management Custom List
  • Preventive Medicine and Screening
  • Pain Management Assessment Plan
  • Custom Drug Interactions

CureMD pain relief By providing pre-built templates, drug interactions, and lab data, EMR streamlines and simplifies both clinical and administrative procedures. They also offer a variety of patient education materials.

We’ve also compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks based on top AdvancedMD EMR reviews and comments from Software Finder.


  • Easy-to-use & understand
  • Helps boost productivity
  • Compliant with healthcare regulations
  • Seamless integration with other products


  • The interface may be difficult to get a hang-on

Pricing: CureMD EMR pricing starts at $195/month per provider.

AdvancedMD EMR

AdvancedMD EMR is a highly integrated Healthcare IT platform that promotes patient satisfaction by streamlining clinical workflows, simplifying administrative duties, and streamlining clinical workflows. One of AdvancedMD’s primary goals is to assist physicians in meeting the demands of their patients while maintaining clinical efficiency. AdvancedMD EMR software was created to give pain management physicians all of the resources they require.

Among the notable features of AdvancedMD EMR are:

  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Scheduling Snapshots
  • CQM Reporting
  • High-Priority Checkbox

As a pain management practitioner, you may be thinking, “What makes AdvancedMD so unique?” The solution is straightforward. With a completely integrated suite, AdvancedMD EHR provides you with all of the services you require, from patient intake to medical billing. They are a full-service healthcare IT service provider that ensures all clinical workflow standards are met.

AdvancedMD was also named the “Best EHR Software” by Business News Daily in December 2020.

We’ve also compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks based on their top AdvancedMD EMR reviews and comments from Software Finder.


  • Interactive and easy-to-use interface
  • Helps increase clinical efficiency
  • Seamless integration with other AdvancedMD products


  • Can be costly for small practices

Pricing: AdvancedMD EMR pricing starts at $429/month per provider.

DrChrono EMR

In your search for the best pain management EMR software, you might’ve also heard of DrChrono. DrChrono EMR software is cloud-based healthcare IT platform that not only assists patients but also solves difficulties for you. Their philosophy, “The practice of the future begins in the philosophy of the past,” says a lot about how they can enhance your practice. They prioritize individualized, focused, and one-on-one treatment for their practitioners. One of the standout features of DrChrono EMR software is its total customizability. It can completely replicate your workflows and clinical processes in order to offer value to your practice.

Among the notable features of DrChrono EMR are:

  • Simplified Lab Integrations
  • Improved Workflow Automation
  • AI-based Voice Recognition
  • Easy Patient Messaging

E-prescribing systems that monitor restricted and non-controlled medications are frequently required by pain management professionals. You can simply monitor prescription substances, both controlled and non-controlled, using DrChrono EMR.

If you believe you may need to refer a patient to a specialist, you can also use DrChrono EHR software to send an eFax.

We’ve also compiled a list of DrChrono EMR reviews and feedback from Software Finder to formulate a list of advantages and drawbacks.


  • User-friendly and highly interactive
  • Highly customizable and flexible
  • Seamless integration with iOS and Android
  • support is not that helpful

Pricing: DrChrono EMR pricing starts at $49/month per provider and can go up to $499/month per provider.

Like many human-made things, even the best pain management EMR software have their benefits and drawbacks. While it’s impossible to find the perfect pain management EMR without any drawbacks, you can find the best EMR for pain management with drawbacks that you can live with. Plus, finding the right Pain Management EMR software in a market with hundreds of options is no easy feat. That’s why we’ve compiled a lift of best EMR for pain management practices in 2021 with their pros and cons as well to help simplify your EMR search.

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