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Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Cancer Law Firm


Around 1440 Buffalo residents live with malignant cancer tumors. The fight to reclaim damages for pain and suffering in cases involving people with cancer has become so common that many cancer law firms around the nation have started specializing in these types of lawsuits.

Before hiring a Buffalo cancer law firms, there is some background information that you should know. Firms specializing in cancer generally have experience with other cases involving illness or death, so looking at recent verdicts and settlements can give you an idea of what to expect.

Here are a few things to know:

A Firm’s Experience Matters

Although federal and state laws protect people with cancer, it is up to the law firm to make sure health care providers uphold those rights.

People with cancer often face difficulties getting compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, etc. With an experienced cancer lawyer on your side, you have a better chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Most importantly, they will know how to handle their cases with the compassion that every client deserves. Cancer patients do not need the burden of dealing with the legalities of their claim.

Having a law firm with experience in cancer cases also helps ensure that the legal process stays on track. This fact is significant if you are dealing with cancer because you need money to pay your bills while your case is pending.

Cancer Law Firms Often Use a Contingency Fee Basis for Payment

Most cancer law firms use a contingency fee basis to determine how you pay them. This arrangement means that the firm only gets paid if a settlement or verdict is in your favor. If you lose the cancer case, you do not have to pay any fee.

Cancer Law Firms Will Need a Doctor’s Diagnosis Before Beginning a Lawsuit

A cancer attorney will not be able to start an investigation until you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. The attorney should ask for all documentation from the doctor and hospital, including biopsy reports and medical records.

Those medical documents can take weeks to obtain, so it is crucial to seek a law firm to handle your case as soon as possible.

Cancer cases tend to be complicated and require extensive examinations of medical records, so the process can be slow going.

Your Cancer Law Firm Will Keep You Updated

Cancer lawsuits are often quite large cases that involve hundreds of plaintiffs, so you may only speak to your lawyer once or twice before settlement negotiations begin. Still, there should be an effort on the part of your law firm to keep you updated about the progress.

Final Thoughts

As you gather information about Buffalo cancer law firms, including their experience and contingency fee basis, can help determine if they are the right firm for your case. As you sort through their online profiles, look for information that shows they understand the legal and financial difficulties cancer patients may face. Look for a law firm that will be by your side until the end.


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