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Top Natural Home Remedies for Mastitis

Mastitis is a condition happening when the breast is infected that make sufferer feels very painful or tender. This issue is more likely to occur among moms who are in their first few weeks of breastfeeding their newborns. In some other cases, mothers will be suffering from mastitis later, a few weeks later. Since it is an infected problem, mastitis can be really annoying and painful for mother and of course their children. In order to treat this health issue, it is crucial that we invest the cause and then find the cure. Please keep scrolling down and reading for more information to have the background knowledge as well as a solution for this issue. Once you fully understand about mastitis, you can completely treat this health issue at home.

1. What is Mastitis

It is widely known that mastitis takes place when breast tissues are inflamed. For moms, in their first twelve weeks, when they start breastfeeding their children, it is also the time when bacteria and virus inflate the breast. This health issue, therefore, got another name as lactation mastitis).
It can be painful as much that you even want to give up the idea of breastfeeding. However, this is not the way as you need to treat problems to protect your health as well as to make sure your child is fed with mom milk.

2. Signs and Symptoms of Mastitis

As it can be freaking pain when you have mastitis, the signs can be easy to notice. Once you find your breast a little sore, that’s when you need to double check and follow the symptoms carefully, it will extend the scale of sore if not treated. Following are few signs:

  • Burning sensation when touch, especially when breastfeeding (this is when your breasts are infected)
  • Tenderness or soreness.
  • Swelling boobs along with redness
  • Tired and find it difficult to breathe.
  • Tiredness and mild fever.

3. Causes of Mastitis

Once you get to know that you are infected with mastitis, you had better find out the causes. In fact, there are so many reasons

  • Incorrect breastfeeding technique- when you have your child breastfeed, you might accidentally be left a small amount of trapped in your breasts. Those leftover milk turns out to be the direct reason as it leads to infection.
  • Blocked milk- Quite similar to the above, blocked milk become clogged and if they are not taken out, it will cause a layer of milk build up. Mastitis might follow from that.
  • Bacteria- basically, bacteria is the cause of all diseases and health issues. For mastitis, bacteria from child’s mouth or cloth used to clean breasts after feeding your children. When children get fed, chances are bacteria will enter milk duct through cracks of nipples. From that, mastitis may follow.
  • One-side breastfeeds-Some moms tend to breastfeed from one side only and refuse to change the position. In such case, only one breast get drained, the other seems to be not fully empty and leftover milk is the cause.
  • Tight Bra-if your breast is not free enough to flow, it will also be another cause as it restricts milk flow.Anantara Lawana

4. Home Remedies for Mastitis

There are some simple home remedies for mastitis you could consider along with consulting doctors and taking antibiotics. AS mastitis is quite serious, doctor’s consultant should be a must to save you and your child from side effects.

  • Heat and Cold
    Heat and cold always the first choice for every pain problems. It would help to numb the pain and release nerve for almost instantly and completely safe, especially for breastfeeding mommy. You should need to apply the heat bag over your breasts for about 15- 30 mins and gently massage. This would help to loosen blockage and make it easier for nursing. After that, you can follow by applying ice to the affected areas, keep gently massage. The cold compress is used to get rid of swelling and burning sensation. This is when the pain is eased.
  • Epsom salt bath

The salt is antibacterial, which can get rid of bacteria within nipples cracks. Also, it is completely effective when it comes to numbing pain and ease the pain.

  • Add a small amount of Epsom salt into a bathtub.
  • Pouring water into the tub and have your all body soaked in.
  • Lying down and gently massage the whole body.
  • Rinse off with cold water then pad it dry before getting dress.
  • Drink water. A lot

Water is an essential part of our body and it gets more important for breastfeeding mommy. When your blockage of milk is trapped, drinking water might be useful to get it flows. Also, it helps to fight infection and make you have more milk to feed babies. The tip to drinking water more is to drinking throughout the day, smaller sip. Keep it in a bottle next to you to drinking all day long.

  • Garlic
    There is quite an amount of antibiotics in garlic, which is essential to get rid of bacteria. This is, therefore, help to strengthen the immune system as well as get the blockage flows. The easiest way that many people go for is to consume a pretty amount of garlic to get the quickest result. Alternatively, you can totally include more garlic in your daily meals. Keeping doing it for twice a day or few days a week, you will find satisfying results.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    It is the high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in apple cider vinegar that people have been long talking about. Thanks to this, it can help to treat any inflamed health issues or infected problems, mastitis is not the exception. It works wonders prevent swelling and reduce pain. Also, it can give an energy boost, not like any kind of medicine.

You will need to gently apply apple cider vinegar over the affected mastitis. Keep massaging for about few minutes and repeat every day within few weeks, you will find apple cider vinegar no more.

Those are some simple natural home remedies you and totally apply at home with high safeness as it cause no side effects.

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