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Web Maintenance Can Make or Break Your SEO Efforts

They say a website is the digital face of your business. Now, if you are running an e-store, then you need to be extra vigilant about its operational efficiency. This means everything from your eCommerce website design to development and integrated marketing including search engine optimization should be picture-perfect. Remember, these all domains are interconnected. The lack of one’s performance will hamper the productivity of all others.

Scrolling down a website with a great design you suddenly moved to the page a visitor was not intended to will certainly irritate him. Likewise, if the web pages test the user’s patience due to increased loading time, the infuriated user will dump your site right away. It’s just a glimpse that how an inefficient web development undermines the site’s overall performance.

The story does not end here. It continues with sucking the SEO efforts, which means you will be having poor or more terribly null visibility on the internet. In such a case, when a business fails to atop the SERPs, it should stop expecting tremendously big quotient of organic traffic that’s the backbone of a profitable business. Therefore, it is mandatory for web development to keep in consideration the valuable impact on SEO in business growth. So, you have to choose top rated SEO Agency in Dubai to keep an eye on all web development issues.

Web Developers Don’t Do Anything Wrong, Deliberately

We all know that launching and marketing a website for business growth is a teamwork. It is a mutual effort of all teams from designing to development, marketing and customer support. So, no team member would do anything erroneous that could impede the website performance. The professionals definitely watch their step while executing their tasks that are going to strengthen their portfolio besides fulfilling someone else’s business needs.

This one side of the coin. On the other end, despite all the personal and professional integrity, there are certain web development mistakes that can affect the SEO results. These pitfalls essentially turn up in the due course of website maintenance or revamping.

Here are a few unintended errors in the web development process that can leave a negative impact on the search engine optimization process.

  • URL Restructuring without prior notice:

URL structure is the mainstay of successful search engine optimization strategy. One wrong move and the website will disappear from the SERPs. All the previous SEO efforts may go in vain. This change remains unnoticed unless Google Search Console ping you. Therefore, this big change should be notified to the concerned people in the first place, so that they can handle it properly prior to getting any ‘404 error’ kind of shock.

  • Not updating the HTML sitemap:

As soon as site URLs are changed, the developers are supposed to update the HTML sitemap. Or, they can ask the SEO experts to do it and save their hard work from going down the drain.

  • Neglecting the Page Speed Insights:

The loading speed of web pages should be of main concern for the developers. If they neglect page speed insights getting poor performance due to additional features and heavy images incorporated during the website’s overhauling, it will increase the bounce rate. Ultimately, the SEO will get affected.

Last but not the least, is the wrong placement of GA codes and overlooking the event tracking codes. But, this usually happens when a website is in the hands of an amateur developer. The experienced personnel always take extra care to avoid these blunders.

Remember, accidents are not pre-planned. Therefore, both the development and SEO team should work in collaboration, keep updating each other and ensure a strict check on whatever is happening on the website.


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