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Effective Tips To Choose The Best Camera For Skateboarding


Skateboarding is often considered a unique art rather than a specific sport. Skateboard photography is something that only a few people do but is highly recommended if you are gifted with cinematic skills while having a knack for riding boards. Skateboard photography is a field that can be highly experimented with various locations, backgrounds, poses, and more. Here are some effective tips to choose the best camera for skateboarding.

Top Tips To Purchase The Perfect Camera For Skateboarding

Trying different angles, playing with the natural light and doing some impactful motion changes can yield some of the most creative images and videos.  Here are some top things you must remember while buying a skateboarding camera.

1. Good Frame Rate

There is no particular way to shoot using the top camera for skateboarding, but the activity depends on your level of creativity. The frame rate is not as important when production quality is not a significant concern. However, you can’t merely tamper with the product quality because you don’t want your video to be choppy and jerky. These disturbances can worsen when the skateboarder performs those awesome feats like the Ollie and Kickflip.

Selecting a camera with the appropriate frame rate can keep these problems at bay. Skateboarding videos should be shot at 60 frames per second to get the best quality and motion capture.

2. Effective Shutter Speed Mode

Especially when it comes down to skateboarding, capturing motion while photographing is an essential thing to do. Not only it gets you a unique shot, but it also serves you with additional attraction. Skateboard videography and photography has been an unsung hero, contributing immensely to mainstream cinema.

For this, choose a camera that offers effective modes to select the desired shutter speed. This allows you to get your camera suited to the appropriate aperture and get the best shots. If you wish to capture blur motion, a slower shutter speed is what you need.

3. Exposure Compensation

Choose the best camera with a good EV correction if you’re skilled at balancing sunlight with your camera position. You might be able to film videos with the sun directly in the frame if your camera has decent EV correction. However, if you’re willing to compromise on daytime exposure, you can choose a camera with low EV adjustment.

4. Allows Multiple Shots

While doing skateboard photography, you cannot get the best shot in a single go. Since skateboarding involves constant motion, you need to take multiple shots to grab a perfect still. For this, it’s best to set your top camera for skateboarding for various exposures and keep shooting in bursts. This helps you get the desired shots.

5. Look For Fisheye Lens

Opting for a camera with wide angles can help you get closer to your subject, including the surroundings. Additionally, the fisheye lens allows you to capture even the slightest details of the objects and make the shot more dramatic. Alongside this, the slow-motion functionality can also be an added advantage, especially when it comes to the editing phase.

Wrapping Up

Those mentioned above are some of the most effective and top-notch tips to help you select the top camera for skateboarding. It is essential to note that the perfect camera for skateboarding depends on personal preferences and might differ amongst people. However, it would help if you considered all the crucial aspects before making your final purchase call.

If you want to capture someone skateboarding, your camera will move around a lot. While recording, you will be pursuing them; thus, it is vital that you focus on the object. Your camera must be good to steady your footage while keeping up the image quality.

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