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Email Leads Vs. Social Media Marketing Which One Is Better?

Digital marketing has turned into one of the most effective marketing components of the 21st century. Digital marketing has grown to the point where many companies are solely using digital mediums to market their products and services. The two giants of the digital marketing realm, email leads Vs. social media marketing, are often compared. While social media marketing promises to be the future of marketing, email marketing, and email lead generation is a tried and tested digital marketing approach. So, it is not a surprise that when choosing between these digital marketing approaches, business owners are left thinking about which one to go for. Each alternative has its own set of unique advantages, and in this article, we will tell you all about both of these alternatives, so keep reading.

What Can Targeted Email Marketing Lists Do That Social Media Marketing Can’t?

According to research, emails get up to 100 times more click-through rates than popular social media. Especially when you have access to targeted email marketing lists, email marketing results are greatly amplified. So while everyone is talking about the rapid rise in popularity of social media marketing, the stats and facts point towards email marketing still being the superior alternative. While there are only 1 billion active Facebook users, the total number of email addresses being used is almost 5 billion. That is more than half the entire world population! With that being said, you get some advantages from email marketing that give it an edge over social media marketing.

Personalization: When it comes to customized message delivery, social media cannot beat email marketing. By spending some time and effort segmenting your email leads, you can create customized email content for leads from each segment. For example, you can create custom email content and email offers for email leads that belong to different segments. You can send emails about product upgrades to leads who have previously bought a product from you. You can also send onboarding emails with special offers, such as giving 25% off on first purchase to customers that have signed up but haven’t purchased anything yet. Continuing along the same line, you can go one step further and create segmentation based on interest and send emails containing content that aligns with a person’s interest.

Return on investment: Whether you use email marketing or social media marketing, you will have to invest time and money in running a campaign. When you run a social media campaign, you pay a social media platform a certain amount of money to reach your target audience. Similarly, in email marketing, you either buy a targeted email list, or you will have to create a list on your own. Companies such as List Giant specialize in them, and if you are looking for the best place to buy email and data lists, they are your best bet. Either way, you will have to make certain investments in your digital marketing campaign with both of these platforms. However, the return on investment for email marketing is four times higher than social media marketing.

What Social Media Marketing Does That Email Marketing Can’t?

Now that we know the advantages of email marketing, let’s talk about areas where social media marketing beats email marketing.

Greater reach: Social media marketing allows you to grow and reach new people without making a lot of effort. Once you run a successful social media campaign, your content reaches new people every day, and your reach keeps growing. On the other hand, you can only contact people that are on your email list.

Greater frequency: You can post multiple times a day on social media, and your audience will not get tired of it as long as the content is exciting and engaging. On the other hand, if you send frequent emails to your email list, you will likely get marked as spam.


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