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9 Unknown Simple Tricks to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction makes it difficult for a man to get the necessary erection that is needed to complete an intimate session. The weakness in erection and difficulty in sustaining the weak erection makes erectile dysfunction a dreaded problem for males. It is actually a common problem affecting more than million male across the world.

The risk of erectile dysfunction is always there in males. It can be kept at bay by leading a healthy lifestyle, diet, an active lifestyle and relaxed mind. It is not an age related issue as many males well into their 60s and even early 70s are having normal erection. On the other hand, males in their 30s and 40s are increasingly facing psychological issues which are leading to erectile dysfunction.  However, whatever may be the degree of erectile dysfunction; it is possible to cure it and reverse the damage. Below are 9 mentioned tricks to cure ED

Age does not define ED

Erectile dysfunction does not come naturally with age. It happens due to underlying causes that may range from physical, emotional to relationship issues.  Your health, intimacy in life and lifestyle to a great extent define your erectile dysfunction. An elder in good health and rich intimate life will face few erection issues than a younger man with stress and anxiety.

Take care of health

Avoid unhealthy food that you eat only for taste and have less nutritional value. increase intake of green leafy vegetables , such as spinach , broccoli , fruits like pomegranate , watermelon , berries , almond ,  citrus fruits , etc.  Fruits increase blood circulation in your body. Omega fatty acid in fish, almond and walnuts clears blood vessels of any deposits of waxy substance that blocks the circulation. Males using Sildenafil citrate 150mg can lower the need for higher doses with diet change and physical exercises.

Keep weight down

An obese male is twice as likely to get an erection issue as a normal weight male. It has been observed by medical experts that males with waist measures of above 42 inch can lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore keep the waist size low and ensure the risk of ED is kept under control.

Take an exercise

Every exercise you like will ensure benefit for the body and your erection process. Even simple walking, jogging and swimming will be enough to help you keep the erection process smooth. If you are already facing erection issues, then you need to strictly follow the exercise regimen to reverse the erection difficulties.

Limit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking adversely impact the erection process. Nicotine creates conditions for formation of plaque in the blood vessels. Hard drinking hardens and damages the inner lining of blood vessels.  When blood vessels are blocked by plaque formation in it, the blood supply gets reduced. The ideal situation would be a complete absence of smoking and drinking from your life, but if you cannot do that the next best would be to limit their use and reduce frequency of use.


Ginseng, ashwagandha, shilajeet, and white musli are some of the best herbs meant for male health. These increase libidos, ensure testosterone levels at the satisfactory level, and maintain body and mind relaxed. Use herbs with breakfast or as advised by the physician.

Taking care of anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety feed each other and adversely affect the normal mental wellbeing of a male. Understand the causes behind stress and anxiety. You may not completely avoid a bit of stress in life, but constant high stress is not something you cannot do anything about.  Do things which reduce these killers of mental peace.

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises make pelvic muscles strong and promote blood circulation in the pelvic area. The exercise involves lifting the abdomen and chest off the ground while keeping only neck and feet on the ground. Just lifting the mid portion for 20 seconds regularly has benefited several males. Some experts even suggest that males using Generic Levitra 60 mg for, which is prescribed by doctors for severe cases of erection, can reduce their need for higher doses.

 Communication with the partner

It is an important and vital link to maintain intimacy in life. The whole process depends on how much you feel for your partner and level of intimacy between you and your partner. It also reduces the stress and anxiety of performance. The support of the partner plays a major part in helping males with psychological causes behind erection to get recovery.


It is easy to reverse the erection problem and prevent deterioration in it. Natural remedies in the form of change in diet, an active life with some exercises, and a relaxed life will be enough to cure mild to moderate erection cases. For severe cases, consult a doctor to seek guidance before using medicines.

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