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Exercise to reduce Breast Size with Pictures

Breasts are beautiful as they are universally symbolic of feminine power. While poets and movies have always glorified large breasts the reality is starkly different. Any woman with a heavy chest will definitely understand the daily struggles they have to go through. Hormonal changes in the body often cause the breasts to become larger than normal. Puberty and pregnancy also lead to increased levels of estrogen in the body which also causes the breasts to increase in size. This condition often causes discomfort and even pain due to the heavy breasts.

If you too are suffering from unwanted large breasts, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have listed some of the most effective exercises to reduce breast size, without the need for expensive breast reduction surgery.

Simple Exercises to Reduce Breast Size

Here is our list of exercise to reduce breast size successfully at home:

1 – Wall Press

Wall Press

This is one of the simplest exercises on this list. You can do this exercise almost anywhere, and you only need a wall (or a flat vertical surface).

To get started, you need to stand about a foot-and-half away from the wall and place your hands on the wall at chest height. The movements are similar to push-ups, the only difference being that you do it standing up, instead of on the floor.

Once in position, slowly move closer to the wall using it as support till your elbows touch the wall. Then slowly move back to an erect position, with the hands still on the wall. This exercise helps to make the pectoral muscles stronger and burns excess fat in the breast and armpits.

2 – Push Ups

Push ups

Push-ups are excellent to strengthen your chest muscles and to reduce breast size. This exercise is meant to not only tighten the area but also rejuvenate your body shape into a more youthful one. This exercise, when combined with others, offers incredible results.

To perform this exercise, put your hands on the floor, at shoulder-width. Keep your toes on the floor and lift your body up by keeping your back completely straight. Once your arms are extended completely you will need to lower yourself slowly back to the ground. When you combine push-ups with other cardio exercises it helps to significantly lower the breast size.

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3 – Cardio


Cardio, such as walking, swimming, jogging and aerobics helps to remove fat from all over your body. These exercises also help to boost metabolism and burn calories faster to prevent fat accumulation. Perform cardio exercises along with strength training or push-ups for optimal effect and notice the reduction in breast size with a few weeks.

4 – Leg Raise

Leg Raise

This is yet another simple but extremely effective exercise to reduce breast size. It is also effective in strengthening your abdominal muscles and prevents droopy breast shape.

To perform this exercise, you need to lie flat on the floor on your back with your arms by your side. Take a deep breath and raise both feet off of the ground simultaneously with your knees together. Hold your breath in this position for a few seconds before slowly lowering your legs to the ground while exhaling. Repeating this exercise 5 to 10 times a day can effectively help reduce breast size to the more normal one.


These simple exercises prove extremely effective in reducing breast size. Now you don’t have to worry about undergoing expensive surgical breast reduction procedures to decrease abnormally large breasts.

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