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Expert Tips for Your Product Page SEO

As an e-commerce site owner, you are going to generate most of your income from your product pages. That is where people can add stuff to their carts and buy.

When you are creating your eCommerce website to display your products on, you want to make sure that your product listings are optimized for search engines. What this basically means is whenever you are creating your sales page for each and individual product, you want to optimize that page so that it gains visibility in search engines and most of the organic traffic is directed towards your page.

So, if you are selling your own products online and want to know how you can gain more organic traffic then here are some expert tips to be ever more visible and hence grow evermore stronger:


meta tag

The first thing that you would want to do is optimize your meta-tags. Your title tags and meta-description should have the ability to effectively break down what the product is, the benefits of it, and why people should buy it.

This is the stuff that people are going to read when they are Googling. Any time people do a Google search, mobile game app development they see the title and the description which Google pulls from your website source code. So, it is advised to make really attractive title tags and meta-description.

This can be achieved by including the main keywords of your product within the tags and descriptions. The easier you make it for people to picture the product and the more effectively you optimize the page through keywords is one sure-shot way of increasing visibility and organic traffic towards your website.

Eyes on the Metrics:

meta tag

The second most important thing you need to focus on is your user metrics. If someone is coming to your E-commerce product page and they bounce right off and go back to Google search, it tells Google that they didn’t find what they were looking for and the ranking goes down.

Make sure descriptions are really appealing and effectively written. If the user can read the text and understand why they should be buying the product then that would bring genuine traffic and also provide valuable information about the type of product.

If the user looks at the images or a video review of the product, as in the consumer can clearly see what they are going to get without being there in person that is a massive plus for your business. The thing is if you provide a space where there is authentic information about the product you become the first source for them to, if not buy the product, search for specifications and comparisons with other similar products.

The point being, the consumer does not always stumble upon your website to make a purchase. Most of the time it is about the information on the type of product that you are offering and the more reliable your information is the more traffic you get which increases the chances of people buying the product.

Similarly, if you have reviews from your product users, this again gives more valuable information to the new customer and increases trust. Think about when you go to an E-commerce website and you are buying a product, then you want to see specific things. Make sure you include all of those within your product page and that is how you increase your user metrics.

Leverage Headings:

The headings you include should effectively describe the product. The consumer should have a look at the product heading and instantly know what kind of product is being displayed. It is always best to describe the product using the current ways of defining the product, which are the trends.

As we all know trends are the most current keywords people are using to define or search a product. This again adds a keyword within the page that will help you rank higher in search engines. So, keeping an eye on the current product trends and using them effectively gives you a chance to be the most visible and the most approachable.

Feature List:

define your goals

The fourth thing you want is to include a feature list. People at of times Google features when they are actually looking for products. This is because they are looking for ways in which a certain product has the ability to take care of a certain need. This is the reason why feature lists are important, as people are more concerned about whether the product has a feature that can solve a problem.

By having bullet pointed out features, your audience will know what they are going to get. This helps drive more search traffic and it also helps to boost conversions.


Mailer box

One of the most beautiful things about Amazon is, anytime you go into a product page they start showing other relevant products, things you can add on, things that are very similar. Cross-linking helps Google index more of your product pages so that they can all start shooting up in the rankings.

This way you will get more search traffic, you get more users and a chance of people buying more products from you. One good thing about cross-linking is that you are able to present more options for the user to compare and search about. This increases the time that one user can spend on your website giving the portal a healthy bounce rate and hence increasing your visibility on search engines.


Besides the above strategies, you can also incorporate some powerful chatbot practices for your ecommerce store to keep it up and running with better engagement and results.

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