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How to Hide Posts from Someone on Instagram

How to hide post on instagram

Are you an Instagram user but want to hide posts from someone? This is a common question that arises in many users’ minds. Hiding content is a great way for privacy purposes. For example, you want to get a tattoo and immortalize that moment in an Instagram post, but you don’t want everyone to see it. Luckily for you, there are ways to easily hide your Instagram posts from someone. 

We will discuss how exactly to go about doing this as well as questions related to hiding content.

Can You Hide Posts from People on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide posts from people on Instagram. This social media platform is designed so that all posts are public, and anyone who follows you can see your posts. However, there are a few ways to hide certain posts from people.

How to Hide Instagram Posts from Someone?

  • Remove them from your followers’ list

To hide the Instagram posts from someone, you can either remove them from your followers’ list. 

For more please have a look at the below steps.

  1. Tap the settings icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your profile screen (iPhone users will find this under their Profile tab, while Android users can access it through the Menu button);
  2. Scroll down and tap “Followers” or “Following” (depending on which list you want to edit);
  3. Under the section “Followers” or “Following,” tap the edit button in the top right-hand corner of your list (iPhone users will find this at the bottom, while Android users need to open their lists first by tapping on List followed by Menu);
  4. Find accounts you no longer want following you and click on the “Unfollow” button;
  5. Once you’re done, tap the back arrow in the top left-hand corner of your screen to save changes and return to Instagram’s main screen. 
  • Make your account private

If you only follow a few people, it will be easy to find them and add them as friends. If your account is public then anyone can search for your username which makes the process of hiding posts from someone on Instagram.

One way to make an account private is by setting up an “account private.” This will require you to approve anyone who wants to follow you. To do this: 

  1. At the top right corner click gear icon at your profile
  2. Scroll down and tap “Privacy and Security”;
  3. And set “Account Privacy” to “On”

Another way to make an account private is by upgrading it to a business profile. This option only makes the owner of the Instagram page able to see content shared on that page, but others can still direct message you through normal means. To upgrade to a business profile:

  • On your page, tap the menu (three lines stacked vertically) in the upper-right corner and select “Settings”;
  • Tap on “Edit Profile” and choose “Business Account.” You will now be able to see content only you can access; others cannot search for you by username;
  • You will also have the option to enable “Contact Preferences” which allows only people who already follow your page to communicate with you through direct messages. This is a great way for public accounts to filter out users from sending them privately, irrelevant content.
  • Block them

If you don’t want someone to be able to see your posts, you can block them. Blocking someone will also prevent them from following you or seeing your profile. It helps to protect your privacy and keep your account safe. 

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To block someone: 

  1. Go to their profile;
  2. At the top right corner of post-click in three dots
  3. Select “Block User”.

If you change your mind, you can unblock someone by following these same steps and selecting “Unblock User.”

To unblock someone:

Go back into Blocked people and scroll down. Tap the Unblock button next to their name or email address. You can also unblock someone by going directly to their profile page, tapping more in the top right corner of the screen, and then tapping Block [Username]. This will show you a list of people you’ve blocked and an option to unblock them.

  • Archive posts

Instagram allows archive posts, which can be a great way to hide posts from someone. It helps if you don’t want someone to see your posts, but still want them to be able to follow your account.

How do I archive my Instagram post? 

  1. Tap on the post you want to archive;
  2. Tap on the three dots at the top right of your screen and select ‘Archive’ from the dropdown menu. You will be asked if you are sure that you wish to do this, once confirmed it will update with a small clock icon next to it showing when it was archived;
  3. This also works for live videos.

How do I see archived posts? 

If you want to view content that you have archived, go to your profile and tap on the ‘Archived Posts’ option which is located underneath your bio. Here you will be able to scroll through all of the posts and videos that you have hidden from your followers.

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How do I unarchive a post? 

If you change your mind about archiving a particular post, simply click on the clock icon and select ‘Unarchive’ from the dropdown menu. Once confirmed it will update with a small tick next to it showing that this has been completed. 


Can you hide a post from Instagram? This question is asked frequently.

There are many reasons why people decide they want to hide posts on Instagram. For example, the reason might be spam or offensive content being posted by another user. Or maybe there’s just some random account posting annoying comments every time you post a photo.

Whatever the reason is, if you want to stop seeing posts from someone on Instagram – do it! It’s very easy and simple to do. In this article, we showed you exactly how to hide a post from someone on Instagram so that person will never see your photos or videos again. 

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