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How to Increase Your Vitality and Energy?

There is a lot of difference between living and being alive. How energetic you are will actually define the difference between the two. Whiling living means merely a state of existence, being alive is to be energetic enough to contribute vitally to whatever is going on around you. This can be clearly explained with the example of an old woman who is 92 years old being able to engage herself in swimming and participating actively in social groups in contrast to a woman who is just 40 not even being able to walk to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Understanding Energy types and learning how to boost them will transcend you from the living state to the alive state.


The mitochondria are essentially the power station within the cell that that is responsible for energy production. Energy types that the body requires for functioning is quite different. For example, the type of energy required for walking is quite different from that which is required to move your hand. The cellular energy takes care of the basic bodily functions. It also supplies the Energy types that are required to handle stressful situations as well as to repair the damaged cells by stimulating Sirtuins, which is a longevity promoting protein.

Impact of energy on life experiences

Being physically energized means increased vitality. This implies better energy you have on a day the better will the day be for you. you will be more satisfied with the productivity during the day and you will wake up with increased vitality the next day. When abundant energy is at your disposal each day, there is nothing that can stop you from being alive.

Giving your all

Quite often you would have heard people say I gave my all but still failed. But, it is important to understand what the” ALL” here actually means. The all is likely to change based on the energy level of the Energy types you had, to access. To illustrate consider a glass that is half-full. If you say you had all that was in the glass, it actually amounts to just half the glass. But if the glass were full, you would have taken a glass of milk or water. Therefore, it is important to find means and ensure that the energy levels are full at all times to stay alive and give your 100% which actually is 100%.

Identifying the energy enhancers and energy depleters

The energy level you might have tends to be dynamic, yet it is still in your control. It is so because daily habits, rituals, behaviors and other activities you engage in can actually enhance or deplete your energy levels. This implies that you could consciously improve the energy levels if only you are able to determine the aspects of your behavior that make you feel better and avoid those that make you feel worse. By doing more of the things that make you feel up, you can boost your energy levels. Meditation is supposed to be a catalyst that can improve your focus and bring about behavioral changes that can boost your energy and vitality.

Using tools that support energy management

The tools that will help you become aware of the Energy types and how much of it is used or wasted at each point of the day and for what will help you exercise better control over your energy level. By training to use tools such as meditation and mindfulness you are likely to become more aware and understand what you feel about a situation better. This, in turn, will help you determine the peaks and valleys in your energy levels and ways to bring down the differences.

Using influencers of energy appropriately

The four behaviors that are found to boost or reduce your energy level include

  • Sleep-Sleep is the recovery tool that will renew your energy levels
  • Food – Food is the fuel that powers your body. The quality of the fuel you put in the will to a large extent determine the output. I have mentioned to a large extent because the body has the capacity to create energy from other things. But if it is quality energy you are looking for, you have to be careful about what you put in.
  • Movement – Movement ensures blood circulation and thereby movement of nutrients to each and every party of the body supplying enough nutrients for Energy types that are required for the functioning of the body part.
  • Breath– Slow and controlled breathing that optimizes the use of the lungs is considered to be the best supplier of the oxygen that our body needs and boost energy and increase vitality too.

Understanding energy shifts

Energy shifts in cycles and you may experience shifts on an hourly, daily, weekly or periodical phase which you can monitor and make changes to boost your energy levels.
There are a number of natural and chemical formulations that claim to boost energy and vitality. But the above-mentioned facts are quite enough to get your energy levels up and make you alive.

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