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ABAP Development for SAP HANA for Business development


With the rising need for development in the organization, a platform is needed so as to handle all the work processes of the business making it easy to maintain and helping in deriving profit out of it. with such demand and need the SAP brought out a series of modules that assist in all such organization needs making the work cost-effective and on time. Here today we’ll be talking about the foremost effective SAP modules ABAP development and HANA. So, let’s know how these modules help in such a process of business development and how it benefits the organizations.

What is SAP ABAP and HANA

Before we get down in understanding the relationship between the SAP ABAP and SAP HANA let’s know about them separately so that you can understand the relation between these two.


ABAP or full form as Advanced business application programming is a high-end programming language that assists to form a business application within the SAP environment. It helps in controlling the workflow for, material management, asset management, financial accounting, and all other SAP modules work.


Well, it is the best-optimized source to control the company’s data and helps in work processes such as Data distribution, data storage, data analysis, and engagement with the application for real time data processing. Today data carry huge importance in every organization as it helps to understand the market need and also helps in understanding the customer view towards the product or the service.

What is ABAP Development in HANA

Now that you the main work process involved in these processes let’s start understanding the use of these together and how to learn it. The main use of ABAP development for HANA is that HANA provides a complete database back up to the application developed in ABAP. And to learn and develop such skills you need to enroll in your studies with the SAP ABAP on HANA Training Institute in Gurgaon as it the best source to learn and attain the required certificate to gain the eligibility to work with the best organization around the world.

Let look at the benefits of each as in HANA and ABAP so as to make you understand more about them. The SAP ABAP works as a programming language as we already discussed and it helps in the development of applications involved with work like module pool programming and reports. Whereas SAP HANA is a high-performance data analytic tool with rational database management that helps in reading and networking the data to the dedicated server or application.

Advantages of Learning the SAP ABAP

  • Get to work on a platform that provides complete management of data management and business application
  • You will be able to test the application server and database program
  • Will learn the skills such as coding and programming to design SAP server application
  • Get the certificate from the best university to attain eligibility to work with an elite organization.

Advantages of Learning the SAP HANA

  • Learn to control the huge amount of data and will be able to analyze it for further assistance
  • Perform real-time analytical capability to the data collected to provide accurate measures and steps to take in future
  • Analyzing the problems will get easy to make the process fluent and error-free
  • Will gain a certificate in SAP HANA and attain the eligibility to work with top-notch enterprises.

All these advantages you see above are the skills that you will gain after completing your training with the SAP ABAP on HANA Training Institute in Noida. As the training from the institute will provide you complete back up for future opportunities with placement assistance and also will guide you with real-time examples so that you can gain complete exposure in working with both of the modules.


So, don’t wait for more to know or your time in research. Simply enroll your time with the free demo classes provided by the institute as it will help you to understand the inner core of each topic from the experts of the industry and also will help you to ask out the queries you have in relation to the training module and course structure before joining the classes. Get yourself prepared to join the world’s most demanding course and fill your profile with career opportunities with SAP processing.


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