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How To Make A Weed Lava Cake In 2021

choclate lava cake

The lava cake is widely popular because of its beautiful, delicious taste and chocolate smell. The middle of the cake is so soft that it starts to melt in your mouth, and the sweet volcanic soft chocolate is the most delicious sweet taste in the lava cake.

This sweet and chocolaty taste cake works as a mood refreshment dish. If you are coming from your hectic job schedule and want to feel relaxed and regain the mental refreshments. Then try lava cake strain to turn on your mood.

The lava cake strain is a simple mixture of the thin mint GSC and the grape pie with the fine quality of the indicia hybrid marijuana. These weed lava cakes do not only taste good; the beautiful taste comes with the beautiful stress-relieving formula. If you already know how the weed butter is made, the weed lava cake recipe is becoming easier for you to apply.

The weed lava cakes are exceptionally smooth in taste, and the most important part of the dish is this cake is full of stress-relieving formulas. This delicious cake is hard to make in the home. You only need a few mixtures to make this recipe. So let’s take a look at the simple recipe for the weed lava cake.

Here is the strep by step instruction to make the chocolate lava cake.

Step By Step Process To Make A Weed Lava Cake

The first step of making the weed lava cake is making the cannabis butter. You can use any vegan butter, and unsalted butter is better to taste as cannabis butter. The cannabis butter and the cannabis oil both are delicious and efficient formulas of the stress buster.

If you make the cannabis butter in the home, you can use it as the breakfast table to weed lava cake making. Even you can use the butter in your daily meal cooking. For preparing the chocolate lava cake, you are going to need only seven simple ingredients.

Here is a list of the ingredients, along with the instructions for the preparation.

Ingredients List

  • Half cup of cannabis butter.
  • 180 -200 gm finely chopped semisweet chocolate
  • Four teaspoons unsweetened or semi sweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup of white sugar
  • Three eggs and separate the egg yolks
  • Two tablespoons full of all-purpose flour
  • One pinch of salt

 Step1:Preheat the oven from 400 degrees F to 200 degrees C.(The temperature can vary for the different portions and the sizes)

Step2:Prepare the cake baking container first, grease the container with the oil or butter, then sprinkle some flour on it.

Step3:Make a soft paste of cannabis butter and the chocolate in the double boiler method over simmering hot water.

Step4:Take time to get a perfect consistency of the paste, frequently stir with a rubber spatula, and use the scrapping down method.

Step5: Do not overheat the water if the water gets cold, then add some hot water to the bowel.

Step6:To get the perfect constituency, only 5 minutes are required; after 5 to 6 minutes, the chocolate is fully melted and prepared to be added to the cake mixture.

Step7:Then take the three egg’s white portions and make a dense, thick mixer. Then start to add the egg yolks one by one. And beat the mixer with an electric blender to get the perfect pale white mixture.

Step8: Then, start to add the sugar gradually to achieve the thick white consistency.

Step9:After 5 minutes, you will get the consistent egg mixture and add the chocolate and the butter mixture.

Step10: Stir the flour to get the fine cake mixture, then add the cocoa powder with the flour. Add one pinch of salt with the flour.

Step11:Then add the flour and cocoa powder’s mixed powder in small portions with the egg, chocolate, and butter mixture. You can add cake essence as per your choice, like vanilla or orange zest.

Step12:Use the scrap and fold method to mix the cake batter.

Step13:After making the cake batter, pour the batter into the greased baking bowl you have prepared before.

Step14:The lava weed cake is never fully cooked from the inside.

Step15:Place the cake mixture in the preheated oven and cook it for 11 to 13 minutes.

Step16:After the timer gets off, take the cake out of the oven.

Step17:The weed lava cake is cooked from the outside, but from the inside, it is soft.

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The Bottom Line

Cocolava weed cake does not only taste good and delicious. This cake is almost like a medicine stress buster. The weed flavor of the lava cake has many medical benefits like mood changing and stress-relieving. Indeed, lava cakes always worked like a magic wand to take away our tiredness. This lava cake is the perfect medicine that gives us the mouth-watering sweet taste you are getting feeling relaxed and calm with each bite of the cake.


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